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((Kris Hartmann continued from Corpsewalker))

Had you asked Kris Hartmann exactly where rough terrain had given way to ordered streets and rows of houses, she probably would have been unable to tell you. Heck, if you'd asked Kris Hartmann where the mountain had ended and the countryside had begun, an answer would have been unlikely to be forthcoming. She was... not in the best state of mind.








Scream. Murder. Again? Again.





Smiling, Kris tripped over a metallic box and faceplanted on the cobblestones around the fountain. Her hand twitched, very nearly pressing the button on the detonator switch inadvertantly. That'd have been something. She rolled over so that she was face up, one foot still on whatever the heck it was she'd tripped over.

Sprawled out. Kris giggled. Just a little.

She stared up at the sky for a few seconds, eyes rolling drastically, then touched her free hand to her forehead, still ringing from the impact against the hard ground. Kris touched wetness, brought her hand forward, and saw yet more blood on her hands. A cut? A graze? Either way, it didn't seem to hurt too badly. What was that trickle compared to the bursting gouts that had come from...

the others... all of them. Reika, Kimberly, Amber, Al, Etain, Janet. Her victims. One failed kill, one not directly her... but her fault nevertheless. Four dead. Because of her. Stone hard facts, up on the announcement, that only ever reached her when her own name came up. Kris could've stumbled straight into a DZ and wouldn't have noticed.

And yet, through all that... and this was the first time she'd personally shed blood.

Kris's expression turned sombre and she stared into nothingness.

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