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Well... Shit. Li hadn't even comprehending the idea that Aaron would be able to adapt to her presence, her attack. He always did thing so according to plan... He always lost his shit when the plan went wrong. He couldn't have planned for his old rival, and one of the killers on the island to show up. Unfortunately, the conclusion as to why he was able to deal with it so well was so painfully obvious. His female partner there. Milo wasn't helping him in any way but a meat shield. But Aileen. She was quick on her feet. She was giving Aaron ideas.

But there was still one fatal flaw in his argument; one that no one else seemed to notice yet. It was one that she was definitely going to exploit though.


Everything seemed to be... Floating. The mindscape was absolutely beautiful. It was comfortable, and she was finding slowly that the laws of physics didn't actually seem to apply. There was a small pool in the middle of the landscape that she actually dared to venture to. Cassarrah had told her to dive. She did. It went on for ever. She could feel the water on her skin, her hair floating all around her. But when she finally needed to breathe, she was too far down to get back to the surface in time. But she didn't drown. In fact, she could breathe under here.

It had felt like hours upon hours had passed.

She finally emerged, shaking the water droplets from her hair, watching as they bounced off of the grassy field nearby. This was euphoric.

And suddenly, as she emerged, a voice reached her ears. It was... Her own. "C'mon Aaron... Don't keep us waiting. What's the big idea?"


This wasn't good. This couldn't be good. This couldn't be good at /all/. If Li was the remnants of her old self... Sans what little religious and suicidal bits that she had... And also sans her kindness...

Realization hit her. She quickly understood exactly what it was that Li was trying to do. With a massive, hobbling limp she staggered her way back towards that little black wall off in the distance. She had to wrest control from that bitch before she fucked things up for not only herself, but for Cassarah, Nekane, and well... for her.

She just knew though that the unbearable pain flowing through her leg would make it impossible to get there before any real damage had been done.


Li just waited and listened. Listened and let Aaron finish his tirade. He could argue until he was red in the face if he wanted to. There was one key thing that she knew she could hit on, and she absolutely knew it would break Aaron.

"You know... I was there when you ran." She made a point to avoid the sticky questions. If she executed this right, he wouldn't even remember he had asked them in about... Five minutes.

"You're condemning me as a murderer? You're putting yourself up on a pedestal, saying you have a moral high ground? Let's see, where in God's name did this come from? I watched you run Aaron. You shot at Rob. I don't know if you killed him, and I won't know until tomorrow morning. But you shot him. And you left everyone else for dead. The way you fled... You didn't care at the time who managed to keep up. And didn't I count more than just these two there? Wasn't there some little black haired girl with you when I found you the first time? What happened to her, hm? Don't you care?"

The look on her face was something beyond even smug. She knew she had just won. Because it was absolutely obvious, Aaron didn't care. She was just going to bring Milo and Aileen's attention to it. Even if he did have an escape plan, the way he was looking, it had to be for himself. She would turn Aileen away from him. Milo didn't seem smart enough to understand the implications of that. But honestly, even failing that it would cause a little distrust in the group.

Frankly? In Li's mind, Aaron deserved it.
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