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Autumn discretely pushed the back of her hand underneath her eyes, scooping up the small droplets of water that had formed. She knelt down next to Evelyn's body and looked at her. Autumn put her fingers delicately to her eyes and tried to push them closed, but they would only stay half lidded. She put her hands at her temples and looked down at the dirt.

I cared about them. The two people in all of the school that I ever let in, they're dead now. Now what do I have left? I've got no one left, not here anyway. It's all nameless faces now. There's a sea of hungry, dirty children out there waiting to cut me down.

Autumn cleared her throat and stood back up. She looked steely eyed at the mound of corpses.

"They don't need these anymore."

Autumn started going through the bags. She put the extra food, water and first aid kits into her own bag. She was concentrated on her work of finding anything salvageable among the fallen bodies. It was only right. What better way to honor their passing by utilizing what they left behind? She found the gun on Nik. Bullets as well, lots of them. Autumn turned it over in her hands. She crawled over to Staffan and looked through his things. Her search yielded four sticks of dynamite.

She got up and brushed the dirt off her her legs. It was so eerily quiet. She turned her back on the motionless group and looked out into the distance.

What am I even supposed to do now? There's no one I want to find. No where I want to go. Should I hide? Maybe I should find somewhere pretty and wait there. I'll wait for nothing at all.

Fiona was still there. Autumn had Nik's gun plus four magazines now. She took her small pistol out from her waistband, removed the magazine plus the other magazine stashed in her skirt and tossed them to Fiona.

"Thanks for trying."

((Autumn O'Leary continued in I Was a Teenage Hand Model ))
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