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((Ma'afu Tuigamala continues from Where Was My Brain?))


No, no, NO.

Maf's hands clenched down on the edge of the desk he was leaning against as he remembered those words.

"Tiffany Baker looked at Jason Harris wrong, which was the last mistake she'll ever make."

Things were out of control.

"We next had a pair of double kills, with Liam Brooks accounting for Raine Schwarz and Ridley Landon. Aren't couple who do everything together just the sweetest?"

Those second words did nothing to obscure the shock of realising how far upon them SOTF really was. When Danya said that his best friends would turn on him, or at least that was the bare basics of every piece of filth that came out of his mouth. It wasn't supposed to be speaking to him. It wasn't supposed to be his friends that were killing people. They weren't meant for him and Nathan, or Jason, or Brook. Those words were only meant for everyone else.
Not him.

At least that's what he'd been telling himself ever since the two of them stopped here. A small office at the back of a giant warehouse they'd scarpered to after they couldn't go to town anymore. Chair under the door. Maf wanted to keep searching out there, but the facts were facts. They promised to meet back at a place that they couldn't get to now, so keeping hidden until then was the best option. A safe option. It wasn't a bad office. Desk, two chairs. Filing cabinet with shipping info and other stuff. Otherwise, empty. There was a tiny window that looked out onto the labyrinth of shipping containers, but nothing else.

It was as though Nathan and Maf were the only things keeping their group intact. It had only been 3 days since the group separated, and everything had already gone to hell. Jason killed Tiffany, of all people, that girl Brook was fawning over. And if Jason and Brook were travelling together, then...Brook must have seen it. Brook killed another two people after that. Death. More death. Death everywhere. They'd already found a body riddled with bullets, and that just had to be enough. No one else was dead here.

No one else to mourn.

At least not until sunrise. Which...was only a few minutes away, come to think of it.

Every word out of Danya's mouth filled him with dread. There was no telling who was behind each name, who would come next. Right after Clio Gabriella could be Jennifer. On the same vein, he'd almost broken down when he heard a Jennifer only yesterday. But it was Romita. It didn't even think of softening the blow. Right after that Jimmy Brennan could be OC. Right after Reiko could be Teo. Endless possibilities. It was the worst time of day.

Maf suspected he was bowing the metal desk out of shape under his weight. Fleeting suspicion. Not much ground. Why did it even matter anyway...

Announcements were coming soon. Maf sat back down in his chair, bag already hung haphazardly on the chair frame a while ago, head hung.
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