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Can you hear me?
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((Eep, so sorry!))

Put the knife down?

Put the knife... down?!

And what? He would smack him over the head with a chair? Really. He didn't want that chair to be smacked over his head WWA style or something. Jesus. He was doing nothing to make Remy calm down. He was just sitting here, insulting him, and basically saying that he didn't stand a chance against him and calling him an idiot! Who did he think he was? Well, all psychos felt that they had that right to kill whoever they wanted.

Remy scowled. So this was it, then? Some psycho was telling him to put the knife down, even though he had encountered other psychos before including a guy who had thrown a sawblade at a girl and one who attacked him and saw rabbits. Of course he was going to be on edge, especially if there's a guy dragging around a chair and more people clearly coming in with god knows what. If it was something that could kill someone in five seconds, he was going to be fucked. No way a tiny little knife could defend him against something like a claymore.

"Look. I had already ran into one weirdo today. I don't need to encounter another" he spat, fuming. "I don't want to put the knife down. You and those other people are probably going to do something for all I know."

But before he could say anything else....

Remy let out a cry as a gunshot rang out, dropping his knife in the process. Oh god, what just happened? His arm... he instinctively grabbed it. His shoulder was getting wet... and it hurt... they shot him. They shot him and they were trying to kill him and they were ganging up on him and they were probably going for him specifically and-

Remy found himself crying, his tears running down his face. It hurt so much. And he was losing so much blood. Already he was starting to feel dizzy. Sure, as an athlete he was used to getting injured. But nothing like a gunshot wound. And they were probably going to swoop in to finish the job. That's what killers did. They would toy with him a bit before they finished him off.

He couldn't focus well right now, and the blood was leaking through the fabric of his jacket.

But... he wouldn't let them finish him off, right? Plus, they had to pay for that one.

So he had to find the knife, even in his state. Simply had to.

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