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"It's... i-it's beautiful, isn't it?"

Tabi smiled and nodded gently. It was a beautiful ocean in front of them, it was beautiful resting in his arms. They were close and it was more calming then anything she could think of right now.

She inhaled and let out a faint sigh. It was so perfect this moment. Her body pressed against his chest. The sound of his heart mixing with the symphony that was the ocean. The wisps of breath puffing out of her own mouth. It left her at ease.

She closed her eyes and let out a small pure of content.

"Tabi, there's something... I really have to ask..."

Her eyes lifted and she stretched her head back to look up to his face.


His eyes were clouded in thought, as if there was something that he wished to keep secret was about to be let out. Her face faltered and she waited for him to speak again.

"Are you going to pick up... your weapon?"

Tabi stared back at him, her lips curling downwards. Her gaze drooped back down to look away at him. She stared at the hand on Ivan's chest. The hand had begun to ball back up into a fist. She said nothing, taking it upon herself to stare at her nails.

She knew of what Ivan spoke of. He was asking about that weapon. The weapon that the voice on the loudspeaker claimed to be just for her. As a reward.

A reward for turning into a murderer...

Tabi lifted herself off of him, breaking free from his embrace. She sat up to face the ocean, her feet dangling on the edge of the grassy plateau . Her arms rested onto her knees and began to shake.

The moment between Ivan and Tabi was gone. The moment had been there only moments ago. And like a house of cards, the moment fell away into the night.

Why? Why were they taken here? Why were they placed on this island to die? Why did she pull the trigger? Why wasn't she strong enough? Why was she rewarded for killing someone?

She found no answers to this. None that she liked. Clio's voice was still ringing inside. It was true wasn't it? She was going to be like her now. A killer on TV. She'd already killed her. So that already made her one didn't it?

Thoughts of her dreams brought her back to her family. Her parents probably thought of that already? If they hadn't seen it yet? They probably knew by now. Survival of the Fittest was a phenomenon back home. If they hadn't seen it, somebody probably said something by now...

Danya wanted her to take the weapon didn't she? He wanted her to kill more. That's why she was 'rewarded' by him.

Tabi's hands scrunched tightly into fists. Her nails dug into the skin, but the pain meant nothing to her. Her lips clenched shut and she gulped back the rawness that was building within.

She had found the answer to Ivan's question.

Tabi shook her head from side to side. It was slow at first, fear of what would happen if she refused slowing her movements. But the more she shook, the faster it became. To hell with Danya's 'gifts'! She wouldn't do it. She couldn't kill another again. There was no way that she would be able to do it again.

"No...no...no...no I'm not doing it," the girl thought aloud, "Never."

Tabi stopped shaking her head and returned her gaze to the ocean. Her breaths became deeper and longer as she unfurled her balled fists. Her hands were stinging with the marks from her nails but it was of little concern of hers right now. They planted themselves onto her knees and rested there.

Though the weight of the weapon had lifted itself off of her, her thoughts still swam inside of her mind. She was still a murderer. No amount of talking would convince her otherwise.

With a loud sigh, Tabi leaned backwards and into the soft grass behind her. She closed her eyes and breathed in the smell of the ocean. Wishing that it would be the tonic that would blast her thoughts out of her.

She opened her eyes, and for a moment, she had been taken aback by what she had seen. Up above her were thousands upon thousands of tiny dots spread throughout the dark canvas above her. It was something she had never seen before in her life. She had seen stars in the skies back home, but never in this number.

Her eyes blankly gazed at the mosaic and her jaws slacked at the sight. She did not blink, for fear of missing some new development. For a moment at least; Tabi Gweneth's mind was distracted once more.
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