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This was looking promising, admittedly she hadn't quite decided what they were going to do with Joe once he got to them, she was envisioning that shoelaces and guns would be heavily involved in one way or another. But then, he went and ruined it all by apparently chickening out and running away. It was nice to have that kind of effect on people.

"At least we scared him," Acacia compromised, trying to follow him with her eyes as he disappeared. She scratched her nose and crouched down to retrieve her gun from its carefully positioned spot in her bag and stuck it back in the waistband of her jeans. By now she felt naked without it, it was her primary protection, her way of scaring people off, even if she had no intention of actually using it. Not yet, anyhow.

“Guess I should eat some of these horrible carbs too. What I wouldn’t give for some proteins or some veggies.”

Laughing, Acacia agreed with her.
"I know, right? I never thought I'd crave a carrot quite so much. Especially here, night vision would be awesome!" No need for torches, being able to sneak up on people in the dark and smash the back of their head in with a piece of flint... She glanced up abruptly, where the torchlight was dancing off the walls, and watched it for a while. It was strangely hypnotic.

Suddenly she noticed that there were three torches. Her, Thea and... Who? Acacia leaned past Thea to try and get a look at them, but the contrast between torchlight and the shadows was too great, and she swung her torch around to the person, trying to figure out. The first things she came across were Charlene's breasts, and Acacia stifled a giggle. It was a bit of a joke that you could often see her breasts coming into a room before you saw the rest of her.

"Hey, Charlie!" Acacia said, waving with some enthusiasm, before remembering that Thea had mentioned something about Charlie choosing Alex's side over hers, and faltered, wondering if in solidarity she should be a bit more stand offish. But it was hard not to be a little bit happy to see her tennis partner (even though since Acacia had made captain they had never quite regained the level of friendship they'd had before). Acacia glanced at Thea and shrugged, trying to convey the fact that she was on Thea's side with her eyes. "Why're you hiding in the shadows? Hair dye gone wrong?"
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