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((Ugh, sorry for the terrible delay.))

Mike nodded with amusement, as he heard the girl agreeing to accompany him, as well as Cisco's murmur of approval. He always avoided being a leader, feeling that he wouldn't be competent enough to make the right action at the right time, whether it was a football game, an important project at school, or a fight for everyone's life. In fact, seeing his previous group falling apart thanks to his lack of care about others proved that already. But despite all of this... Damn it's such a good feeling, when people agree with your ideas.

"Great. So..."

What should be the next step? They should definitely move on, and they even knew their next location, but they still had to find the optimal route to be at the cell phone tower as quickly as possible, while avoiding danger at all costs. Mike took out the compass and map out of his daypack and studied it carefully.

"Whoa boy, it ain't gonna be pretty. We have to go south-east, through the entire swamp, and then through the woods... Which are apparently a danger zone right now." Mike sighed as he examined the map. "Well, I guess we better get going. It's getting late. Let's hope the woods will be safe, as we'll come across them. Otherwise, we'll have to make a detour, and lose even more time."

After taking another two sips of the water, Mike hid everything except from compass in his pack, and started marching through the swamp. There was no time to lose. Over 100 students died already, and the Pole had only one, weak clue. At this rate, he would never make it before the end of the game.

"Try not to lose eye contact with each other, and if you do - scream. We don't want to get separated along the way..."


((Mike Maszer continued in Aching Chest and Blurry Sight))
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