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"Or we could have a bit of fun tormenting him?" she suggested, raising her eyebrows and cocking her head to one side.

Thea gave Acacia a wide smile. “I like the way you think.”

"What've you got, anyway? I figure if he gets irritating we should wave scary guns and things at him until he fucks off back to whatever hole he crawled out of," she said.

“I can definitely help you out there,” Thea said turning towards the opening of the tunnel.

"Oh for fuck's sake," he muttered under his breath. "Actually, nevermind, I think I'll be leaving you girls alone," he said, more loudly, trying desperately to hide his current feelings.

Thea frowned at the sudden loss of diversion. “Well, that didn’t go at all the way I wanted it too. What a loser, he can’t even hang around long enough to distract us,” Thea let out a huge sigh and kicked the dirt at her feet, sending rocks skittering after the boy.

“Well, now what,” she asked and then answered her own question by reaching for her bag and starting to dig through it. “Guess I should eat some of these horrible carbs too. What I wouldn’t give for some proteins or some veggies.”
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