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((Sorry for the abrupt leaving, but Joe needs to be in another thread.))

Joe flinched a bit when the flashlight pointed in his direction. Even though it was daytime, his eyes hadn't quite been re-accustomed to bright light due to the distinct lack of such; the fact that the light still didn't quite reach him helped a bit, but it was still an unpleasant experience.

The small amount of ambient light projected by it revealed three of the only people he didn't want to see that weren't outright sociopaths. Charlene Norris, most of all, although Joe did appreciate the view he got of her ample breasts.

The other two, Thea and Acacia, weren't quite as bad, but Joe had a gut feeling he was in for some "fun" with emphasis on the inverted commas if he stuck with them. His now-dead companion, Rose, never had anything nice to say about them, and Joe trusted her more than anyone else that wasn't related to him.

He drew a breath and sighed.

"Oh for fuck's sake," he muttered under his breath. "Actually, nevermind, I think I'll be leaving you girls alone," he said, more loudly, trying desperately to hide his current feelings.

He turned and walked away, daypack in tow. Another day, another group that he had no chance in hell of surviving with.

((Joe Rios continued in The Lost Boys))
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