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Our father.

Jessie was just about to remonstrate with Peter, tell him why they couldn't buy into either Danya's warning or Danya's 'bounty' on Liz, when she was startled by the gun slipping out of his hands. Her eyes, for just a split second, went off Peter and followed the weapon in its arc.

Just long enough.

Who art in Heaven.

Jessie's gaze was already returning to Peter as the flash of steel echoed through the parish building, and her eyes just about had time to widen before a line of liquid fire was slashed across her stomach.

Hallowed be Thy name.

She didn't scream. She was too stunned, paralysed, to even feel the pain as a crimson stain soaked through her shirt in seconds. The blood flow was catastrophic, utterly insane. But then... her abdomen had been ripped in half. A small little strangled sob escaped Jessie's mouth as her arms clamped to her stomach, hands quickly becoming slick with blood. She stumbled, then fell backwards down the steps, landing heavily at the bottom, a pool of her vital fluids beginning to form around her. Jessie, just about, managed to raise her head, staring up at Peter with simple incredulity.

"G...god forgive you," she choked out.

Thy Kingdom come.


It was barely her name. It was a tortured, grief-stricken howl.


Imraan fired his shotgun at Peter, blinded with rage and sheer panicked sorrow. It jarred his arms, but his lanky frame absorbed most of the impact of the recoil. Even so, the shot was hoplelessly wide. It didn't matter, he readjusted, fired again.


The altar splintered as it took the brunt of the Remington's force.

Thy will be done.




Imraan kept firing wildly, charging up the centre of the parish as he did so, vaulting a wrecked pew to come sprinting to Jessie's side. How had he let himself stay so far behind her? He might as well have been on the other side of the world when Peter lashed out. His shells ran out just as he reached Jessie, but even with his poor aim, Imraan had driven Peter back from the altar. Where to exactly, he wasn't sure, and didn't care. Anybody but here was fine.

On Earth as it is in Heaven.

Jessie offered a weak smile as Imraan knelt alongside her, face frantic. He tore the bag from his shoulder, ripping it open and beginning to scramble for something, anything that could stem the gushing tide of blood.

A trembling, crimson hand settled on his wrist, staining his skin, giving him pause.

Jessie shook her head.

Give us this day our daily bread.

"No... good," she held up her free hand to stop him from replying, a painfilled grimace etched across her face. With her wound, it was astonishing she was conscious, let alone lucid. Perhaps she wasn't. Jessie certainly should've been screaming, if she'd felt the pain. "I-Imraan. You... remember when... we met?"

He did.

And forgive us our trespasses.

It was back in tenth grade, the first couple of days. One of Jessie's most oft repeated remarks was that they'd seen each other over the top of the crowd. Mostly though... well, she didn't like drudging up a bad memory with the good. Imraan had been fighting... Jessie had never asked what about, though for him to be provoked, she knew it had to have been something pretty severe. Jessie being Jessie, she'd waded in there. Some would call it interfering, and perhaps they were right. She didn't have it in her to be a bystander, even if the situation had nothing to do with her.

Good Samaritan... a story she took to heart.

Somehow, through force of will and a helping of her not-inconsiderable size and strength, Jessie separated the combatants. The other guy was dragged off by a couple of his friends, Jessie wound up with Imraan, who'd still been pretty steamed. Angry, wanting to get back into it, probably resenting her a little for breaking up the scrum. Who could blame him? His blood was still up, after all. He certainly didn't want to calm down.

And then Jessie had turned to him, looked him in the eye, even as he towered above her, much like she tended to tower over other girls. And she'd said just one thing.

As we forgive those that trespass against us.

"Man, they're sure going to have fun finding out that one of the leading lights of the Bayview basketball team can't hold his temper, aren't they?"

Imraan had blinked, taken aback.

"How'd you know I play? I've barely seen you around."

"I'm a captain, it's my job to poke around and see how the other teams are doing."

"Captain? Really? For what?"

"Hockey, actually... I'm Jessie. Jessie Anderson."

"Imraan Al-Hariq."

She smiled.

"Already knew it."

They'd fallen to talking like friends within minutes, thick as thieves by the end of the day. Friendship. Steel.

And lead us not into temptation

Imraan stared down at the pallid face of the girl he'd let slip away from him, let DK... he hesitated to say 'take' because he never really had a claim to Jessie, but... the girl he had a crush on. Through the pain, Jessie continued smiling, softly carressing Imraan's wrist with her thumb.

"N-never... had a friend ... this... good."

Her eyes flickered.

But deliver us from evil.


They slid open again, inquiring.

"I love you. I love you."

Those sky blue orbs lightened up with her smile...

Then glazed over, smile freezing, chest catching in midbreath.


Her grip went slack.


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