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She had lost her composure, here on the island, in front of Danya's cameras, in front of two people who she could least afford to lose composure around. Some kind of artist pounding her fists against the world like a small child because people just wouldn't live up to her standards.

And crying. Let's not forget crying.

And now Raidon and Julian, far from telling her she was pathetic and leaving her, were trying to comfort her.

Why were they doing that?

Raidon wanted her to come. Come with them. Find Max. Hold them up, because she was a crippled girl. Maybe get them shot.

Julian wanted to talk to her. She nodded, held her head stiff as he came closer. No weapons drawn. He wasn't planning to shoot her. Good.

Instead he wanted to talk to her. About how they probably wouldn't find Max. About how this was all a ruse to keep Raidon out of trouble. She was fine with ruses to keep Raidon out of trouble.

And, funny. He sounded like he actually believed in her.

I'm not trying to turn over a new leaf, I'm not trying to be something new, something more heroic.

It could be a ruse. Trying to find Maxwell Lombardi. It's not like finding someone on the island was easy. They could only track him by his kills in the announcements, and only then, hours apart.

I am not good and I never have been and I'm sorry that I can't live up to your expectations.

She would be a crippled girl. She would delay them.

…if only because I will knock you out and force you if you don't agree.

And if they came upon another dangerous killer? They could cross that bridge when they came to it.

The killer, the player-killer, and the pacifist. A terrible team. They wouldn't get anything done.

But if the only way out is by winning the game, then I'll win the damn game.

She'd fallen on Raidon when she'd tried to stand up, fallen on him and scratched herself away before he could even pick her up. She didn't want him to see how helpless she was.

Radio Asuka.

"Fine." She said. "Let's go."

(Mizore Soryu continued in That Morse Code Thread)

Alice Boucher was a liar.
Liz Polanski played with fire.

And who the hell is Radio Asuka?
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