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((Oh shit!))

Apparently Milo's tactic had worked. He had attracted Jac-tard and thus, proven himself to not be a Ron.

The problem with this was, Jac-tard was paying absolutely no attention to him. Instead, Wilhelmina was asking something about why Jac-tard became a psycho killer or whatnot, which Milo paid no mind.

What Milo decided to focus on instead was the leader of the group. He'd said something about the gazebo being a good place to look, which resonated in Milo's mind as a good idea. He turned to Aaron.

"So, are we gonna head to that gazebo place or whatever? We need to go look for other people there or some clownshoes shit like that, don't we?" he asked his fearless leader.

Milo got a distinct feeling in the back of his mind that very soon he was going to be thrown out on his ass by his new teammates. He couldn't exactly say why, like usual, but it was there.
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