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((Andrea/Allen combo-post GO!))

Well, that was a bit of a random question.

"Sidney Crosby? As in the Sidney Crosby from V1?" Andrea asked, just to make sure Allen hadn't gotten confused with another person of a similar name. There was a Sydney in the same version as Crosby, but he wasn't well known at all, in fact he was only the second person to die and was easily forgotten, wasn't he? 'And just what's that got to do with Allen's question? You need to quit going off on that tangent.'

A nod from Allen confirmed that her assumption was indeed correct, so she continued. "Um, oh yeah, Sidney Crosby. He was supposedly one of the top hockey players of his age, at least until he was captured, that is. Most people know him now as one of the final four in his version of SOTF."

"Whoa, whoa, he actually made it that far?" Allen asked in disbelief. "H-how many people did he kill to get there?"

"Oh, to be fair, there were only around, what, 120 students in V1. He didn't really do a whole lot either, although he did manage to get Amanda Jones killed, which pissed Adam Dodd off to no end, not to mention Cody Jenson who was trying to kill him." Allen stared blankly at Andrea as she explained, having absolutely no idea who any of the other people that she was rattling off actually were. "If I remember correctly he got two kills in, though one was an accident."

"So what happened... y'know... in the final?" Allen asked.

"Well, Cody and Dodd also made it to the 'endgame', as they like to call it, and Cody went to shoot Dodd. However, Sidney leaped in front of him and took the bullet, allowing Dodd to finish off Cody. For someone who was widely considered a coward throughout all of V1, it was a pretty brave thing to do and okay Allen I think you'd better turn around we have company right behind us."

Allen swiveled around quickly on the tree stump, so fast that he lost his balance and fell off sideways. "Whoa!" he cried out, trying to push himself back up onto his makeshift seat but failed to do so. "Ugh, stupid tree," he cursed, righting himself on the ground and looking ahead where Andrea was staring. Two girls, both with black hair, were standing in the distance, and looked to be staring back at them. "Um, what do we do?" he asked, getting back to his feet.

"Depends on who they are and how friendly," Andrea said, squinting her eyes to get a better view at the pair. 'Well this has made things a lot more complicated. Can we even trust them? Can we trust anyone, for that matter? Can I trust Allen-okay, that was a stupid question.'

Andrea took the notepad and scribbled something hastily onto the top piece of paper. "Okay, we'll let them come over if they want to, but be prepared for anything." She then showed Allen the message she'd written:

do NOT tell them anything!!!

And then Andrea quickly scrunched the piece of paper up again. Allen simply nodded in agreement.
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