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it was a graveyard smash
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"Just go Fiona...leave me here okay? Just keep running..."

Keep running? Running from what? Fiona looked around but didn't see anyone but Nik and the bodies of Staffan and Evelyn. Does he even realize that his brother is dead? She wasn't sure, perhaps Nik was trying to tell Fiona to run from Staffan and his obviously murderous ways, but the boy would possibly never know that Staffan was dead, axe through the chest. It was around this time that she realized that Nik was probably dying. There was an awfully large amount of blood, and as much as she wanted to deny it, death seemed inevitable at this point. Three deaths in a matter of minutes? It was awful, but how would Nik be able to go on without his girlfriend? They loved each other. It would be awful, undoubtedly.

Maybe death was best. He wouldn't have to deal with this awful game and its awful rules and the guilt of killing another human being...

But she wouldn't run. There wasn't really anything to run from, aside from herself. She'd stay here because... what kind of person leaves another person to die? She didn't think Nik would snap back to good health, but she wanted to stay regardless.

Realizing that Nik probably wanted his space, she stood up and backed away, watching as his last seconds ticked by. It was somewhat touching, really, dying in the embrace of his lover. After he stopped moving and all went silent, Fiona was sure that he was dead. She didn't need to check for a pulse this time... Definitely gone. She took a deep breath, shaking her head and letting her eyes gaze in the direction of the rising sun. It was so beautiful out here. The beauty made the gore and death look almost cheery and intentional. Regardless, it didn't change the fact that Fiona just lost two close friends, one of them being her only travel buddy. Nik was probably the only one who could understand her at this point, as tensions were high, and she was sure that her classmates would be suspicious of her. Her kills were not mere accidents, no, but she felt as if she was a victim of circumstance. Is that how her other classmates would take the deaths of Owen and Staffan? Maybe not, but they weren't there with her. They could never know what happened or how things truly went down.

Fiona began to gather her things, unsure of she should take anything from the bags of Nik and the others. She knew that others were ransacking the bags of corpses out there, but it still felt so sacrilege to her. Then again, Nik had a gun. Her axe was nice, she felt that it had true class, but a gun would be nicer. Hmm.

The urge to cry? No. Fiona didn't feel that. She was sure that she would cry later, but she didn't have the time now. Loads of people were dying all over the island, and come tomorrow, Nik's name would be a mere name on a roster of other dead kids. Fiona knew that, and she accepted it. It was horrible, yes, but crying wasn't going to change anything or assuage the pain that she felt deep within her chest.

The sound of footsteps tore Fiona away from her thoughts, and she quickly looked over to see a rather familiar face. It was Autumn O'Leary, one of Evelyn's good friends, and she was an athlete, so Fiona was acquainted. Autumn whispered that Fiona shouldn't bother, and Fiona slowly nodded in agreement, feeling a little lost. "I... Yeah. They're gone," she said, her eyes glued to the small group of corpses in front of her. Who would have thought that she'd witness so many deaths in a single day than she had in her entire life? More than she'd even seen in movies or pictures or anything!

Mostly, the arrival of Autumn complicated things. Fiona usually had loads to say, but she wasn't sure what she should say now. Evelyn and Autumn were besties, right? Or ex-friends or something. Better friends than Evelyn and Fiona, and Autumn liked Nik. So perhaps she was more affected by the deaths than Fiona? Should she try to comfort her, or.. or..? "It all happened so fast," she finally squeaked out. "Staffan.. he was just in a rampage. I-I don't know why.. He was taking his anger out on Evelyn, and it escalated from there," she said quietly, absently twirling a dread around her finger.

She turned her head away from the death, thought about how she would have to travel alone for the rest of her days. Perhaps the rest of her life. She didn't quite want to leave and face that, but she wanted to be away from all this death. There was death everywhere, yes, but... Meh. Her thoughts were scrambled. It was a lot to take in.
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