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Jamie had this. She so had this. Close fighting was her specialty. Okay, she wasn't bringing her best game today, she was tired and dehydrated and a bit nervous, but she could do this. Take Ericka down. Hold her. Ricky was going for the gun. That meant this would all be over in a snap. Ericka was unarmed, not very big, totally defenseless.

Then, all of a sudden, she realized that Ricky was being worthless. It looked like he'd got the gun, then realized it was unloaded. He just chucked it at Ericka, and didn't even manage a hit.

So Jamie just lunged for her, looking to grab her, looking to end this as quickly as possible. Perhaps it was the dehydration. Perhaps it was the fatigue. She didn't notice the knife, though, didn't have a clue until she was too close to pull back, too close to avert her attack. One thing Jamie knew was that you didn't get in close to a knife, not unless you knew you could control it. She was coming in all wrong for that, though. All it would take would be for Ericka to give her a couple little jabs.

This was going to suck.
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