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As Aileen continued burying her face in her hand, she could hear Aaron saying not to look for the other people at the gazebo, since they had the choice to come with and didn't. Well, true. Then again, Aaron was the one running ahead of the group in a way that could easily get people lost. Heck, she was fortunate she was able to catch up with him for this long. But yes, find Bounce.

But before she could raise this point to him, Aaron called out in that tone of voice again. She knew the one; someone is nearby, they're not threatening looking, maybe they could help us. She understood that tone of voice by now. At least she could figure out some of what Aaron had going on in his mind.

But, the problem was, who knew what Milo had attracted? He couid have invited all sorts of people over for tea. Reika's sister, Lombardi, Hartmann, Jacquard herself, Rob...

And then Aileen finally looked up. DuClare.

.... Okay, so that wasn't as bad as some of the other options, admittedly. But. DuClare was... well, she was DuClare, and lord knows what she was up to. Sure, Aileen doubted that she would start playing and she didn't hear her name on the Announcements that she could remember. But Aileen had a basic idea of what she was like in the past.

Aaron had said that things were "a little" stressful right now. "A little"? Try "a lot". Seriously, Mil-ron had just hollered out to one of the killers about how he was going to molest them with a rake, and had already let on person on to their presence? What if he had invited one of the major killers out there, or worse, an entire group of them working together? Obviously, that wasn't good. Heck, they already had enough of a problem with a potential wildcard like DuClare. They didn't need five psychos bursting in on them.

And then Aaron asked for her help calming things down. But before Aileen could add her own thoughts, some else did.

And as she turned her head to see who it came from, her fears were confirmed. And right at that moment, she knew that they were pretty much fucked.

Yup, Jacquard had heard that and was now trying to talk to them. Oh joy.

Heck, the girl even flat-out admitted that she found it fun to kill them! Sure, she said that she wasn't going to kill them just yet had made it a point to add a "yet" in that sentence. Okay? Aileen whipped her head towards Milo, glaring at him, and turned back to Jacquard. She... was clearly trying to get on Aaron's nerves, saying that it's a wonder that anyone would trust him to help them escape.

So that was the tactic she was trying then? Get Aaron annoyed enough to do something irrational, and then pick off the group one by one? Damn.

Aileen looked back at DuClare. Did she know Jacquard was there? Was she working with her? Was she...

And then the filter she had been trying to maintain completely broke after too many hits to it in the past few minutes.

"Hey jackass..." she started in a quiet voice, looking at Jacquard. "I have a question for you. How the hell did you end up a psycho killer? I bet you yourself would have to hack off five different heads before you even made it to the grocery store."

Aileen's face contorted into something that looked unpleasant and frustrated, to say the least. And to be honest, she was kind of scared. But most importantly of all, she was pretty much angry again. God damn, and they had gone this long without seeing any confirmed killers beyond Aaron and Tom running into Reid.

"Guys..." she whispered to the other two members of her groups. "If she does anything stupid... run. Just run."

And turning back, she asked Jacquard "Okay? What is it you want, then?"

And all this time, her hand was reaching for the hammer, her fingers touching the handle.

But DuClare... DuClare had started to ramble a little bit. Right, then. Wait, she was better at this whole "yell at the killers" thing than she was. Damn. And wait....

DuClare... knew about other escape plans....?

Aileen tried to listen in. Seriously, she knew other people who were planning to escape? This was big news, right here. Heck, she could even know Polanski. This... this was big. Heck, she could turn out to be useful after all. Holy crap, fuck yes. She could lead them right over and... and...

Holy man, this was big. So basically, good and bad news. Jacquard and most likely others had heard them. But they knew for certain people were also planning things.

Now they just needed Jacquard to get out and then....? Business.
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