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They had lost the warm glow of the sun which had fallen away behind them both, away into the west while the ocean rolled knowingly. It would be several long hours before it would once more be visited by a morning rising over the horizon, but the light generously offered to it by the moon and the stars would do just fine to illuminate it. Ivan had looked at the sun rise and fall many times, including on this island, and he once had a very good view of the ocean from the beach when he woke up on that fateful day. Something about this view felt different, moreso than each unique view he had of it before.

He had seen a lot of things that could be described as 'breathtaking', both in the good and bad senses of the word. The sky could provide a lot of each of these when viewed from a lonely island in the middle of nowhere. Sometimes it could be happy and sad at once. Each morning was a reminder that he hadn't been killed overnight, but the day approaching could very well be his last. Each evening was another day he had survived, but it could be the last time he would ever see the sun. Day had a way of making him feel warm yet exposed, while night kept him safely hidden, but cold and lonely.

When Tabi looked out at the rolling waves and the blanket of stars that encompassed them all, Ivan looked at it with her. He looked at it along with her even, his gaze shifting from the water to the watching moon, and finally back to her. Even if this island was meant to be something terrible and festering in their hearts, and even if they were all meant to die here, he couldn't help but find it all to be so beautiful at this very moment. As the true power of the moment set in and the corners of his lips tilted upwards in a small smile, he found the strength to give her another tight hug.

Tabi looked back to him, and he searched himself for something to say, as he had often before. Just like nearly every time before, the perfect words seemed to elude him. What could he say to comfort them both that wasn't a lie? What was beautiful could still be cold and cruel, and tomorrow would be just another day of more near-death and senselessness.

In spite of all this, he still found something.

"It's... i-it's beautiful, isn't it?" He sputtered as he mumbled those words, pulling Tabi close to him once more. His body made a few false motions, as though he should kiss her, or maybe stroke her hair, or nibble on her neck, or something, but nothing really felt right. Had he run out of something to say, or could he simply not say the last thing that sat at the front of his mind, and couldn't move?

You're beautiful, too...

Squeezing her a little with her arms to keep her supported, Ivan rolled onto his left side, working with Tabi to ease her back on the beach. He could have sat up and continued looking at the ocean, but he was left with little to do when she continued looking at him. He stared back, feeling the heat on his cheeks. Something about all of this made him feel like he was naked and unable to hide anything. He felt the same way about her... as though their eyes meeting allowed neither one of them to hold out on the other.

"Tabi, there's something... I really have to ask..." Ivan said, nearly at a whisper. He needed to know, even if she wouldn't like having to hear it.

"Are you going to pick up... your weapon?"
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