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As Charlie sat down in an unsuccessful attempt to relax, the voices that she had been unable to hear due to her own heartbeat and sheer lack of concentration of the fact started to come into focus.

"... took my James from me ... don't know what I'll do ... guess ..." Just her luck. It was Thea. Of course, now that Charlene realized that Thea had been right, the reunion probably wasn't going to be too bad. Then someone else started to speak.

"Yo. It's Joe Rios. I'm unarmed." That voice Charlie didn't recognize. She didn't know of anyone in the class named Joe, let alone Joe Rios. What this probably meant was that they'd simply never met, or that Joe was just one of those many, many people that she was simply acquainted with.

"Hey! ... We're unarmed, too." That voice belonged to Acacia Salinger, tennis captain (a fact that Charlie had almost gotten over, although given the past week, "tennis captain" didn't really mean much in the grand scheme) and fellow cheerleader. Charlie giggled at the fact that she had just created a pun for the group that might form in the next few minutes. It was a pretty lame pun, but it was still there. In any event, Charlie took out her flashlight and pointed it at the source of the male voice, having to aim around Thea and Acacia to do so.

Damn, this could get good. A weird thought to pop up at this time, but a knife to the arm kinda changed things
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