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((Samantha Ridley continued from Leaving Me Lonely Still))

Sam hadn't seen a single person all day. She was hoping she could find Ishida before she arrived at the sawmill, but that wasn't going to happen.

Sam walked east toward the place she had agreed to return. She had chosen to stay off of the beaten path, and was walking along a hilly area.

Then her foot met a patch of loose soil, and she began to tumble down the hillside, the varied curses that were interspersed with cries of pain seemed to be chosen randomly rather than with any significance.

When she finally came to a stop she found that she wasn't the only thing that tumbled down the hillside; An uprooted stump had slid down with her, and now rested on top of her leg.

Finding that she couldn't move the stump she began to yell for help.
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