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Celeste had never been happier to see sunlight. She let out a loud cry of jubilation, arching her back a bit and stretching her arms over her head with a laugh. "Ohhh, thank God. Thanks a ton, Pandora, seriously." She lowered her arms, glad to be out of the tunnel, the dark and dampness and the not knowing where the hell she was going or coming from.

She looked at the book in Pandora's hands, smile slowly slipping off her face. Yeah, she'd left the tunnels, but she was still on this damned island, still missing her partner and her man, fighting for her life, and....weaponless. Well, fuck. Maybe no one saw it yet, she thought to herself. Turning her attention back to Pandora, she paused...and nodded. "Yeah...sure, why the hell not? It's light out, so I can actually see now..." Unable to find a pen, Celeste crouched down, smearing her fingertips with a bit of the dirt and mud on the ground before crudely scribbling her name in the notebook. "Not much ink to say much else, sorry," she muttered, scrawling a heart after her name. That would have to do.

"An' don't worry, I don't need you to escort me around the island or anything like that," she smirked right back at the paler girl. "Got someone else for that...boyfriend. Gonna find him later and we'll partner up. Thanks for getting me outta here at least," she added, giving her bag another hitch and starting on her way.

A few steps later though, she paused. After a moment's thought, she dropped the bag and opened it, pulling out the waterbottle again and tossing it at Pandora. What the hell, she had more, right? ...right? If not, her partner would share, surely... "More water for you...And hey, when the Tunnels are called as a Danger Zone, get out, okay? ....You're kinda awesome," Celeste mumbled the last bit, zipping her bag back up and leaving.

Finally, she could get on with things.

(Celeste Beaumont continued elsewhere)
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