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She flinched, looking back at Michael as he spoke to her, then to the gun. "S-Sorry...'m sorry..." she whispered, lowering the weapon. Her hand holding the gun went to her side, dangling limply. "Sorry...." she repeated.

What'd she do that for? Granted she hadn't meant to hit anyone, just scare them if someone came towards them with ill intent, but...but the simple fact was that she'd actually held the gun up and aimed in the general direction of the voices, where their classmates were. "M not...not wanting t-to hurt s-s-someone," she whispered, turning around to walk again, glancing nervously into the trees. "P-Please bel-l-lieve me, I j-just...j-just aimed at a t-t-tree," she whispered weakly.

He might not believe that... she told herself sadly.

"B-But...the way w-we came? Turn around?" she asked, making sure she'd understood that right. "B-Back to...t-to the place w-with the h-h-houses?" But someone had a machine gun back there! What if they hadn't gone far from there at all and had just hidden in a house? "W-What if...they're th-there?" she asked.
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