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Ray shrugged, had a smile to match Annaliese's. "What can I say? Chicks dig scars. Or so I've been told. I'm not the finest example of a ladykiller in the world."

Cold, stone truth. The only women in Ray's life had been his sister and his mother. He'd been hoping to change that this semester, but now....

Ray leaned back against the rock, looking up at the sky as Annaliese asked him about his siblings. Thinking about Alicia hurt, of course. There was virtually no chance he was coming back to her, and just thinking about it reminded him.

Keep fucking up, huh? How long till you lose Annaliese, too? Chalk up the list. Keep a tally. You're bad at this guardian shit.

"A brother and a sister. Nathan's in the pen. Stole a car and got caught. I don't know when he's getting out, but it's probably a few years."

Ray sighed, tugged at his cornrows again. They were half out. A little longer and he'd be sporting a nappy afro.

"I got a sister, too. Alicia. She's got cerebral palsy, but she's smart as shit-"

Ain't no love

"She's going somewhere. Me and Nate, we always said she'd be the one who'd go on to do something real with her life, you know?"

In the heart of the city

"I watched after her while we were back in the D. People used to talk shit about her. I made it so they didn't talk anymore."

Ain't no love

"When we moved to Minnesota, I didn't have to be the muscle anymore. She's got a tutor, doesn't have to be around other kids."

In the heart of town.

Ray looked over at Annaliese, still laying down on the rock.

"You hear me sing? That what brought you up the mountain?"
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