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((Stay Frosty --> Bounce))

Travelling with Alice was a lot less wearing on Bounce's mind than travelling with Victoria.

That shouldn't really have made sense. Alice was injured, Vic had been in full health. Then again, Alice had actually stood up to the confrontation back in the town square, when they'd met that guy at the beach... Vic had made her take the lead. ... Bounce still resented that, a little. She wasn't the tall confident, good looking one... Bounce was the one that looked like she spent all of her time in front of a computer scr- oh wait.

Maybe it was because Alice was her friend, and Vic was just Alice's girlfriend.

Her paranoia had paid off, apparently, Victoria had gone running at the first sign of trouble.

Bounce felt a little vindicated by that. Slightly bad for Alice, of course, but mostly satisified that her gut instinct had been correct.

So... that just made the little Russian wonder if she was making a big mistake by going against said instincts and trusting that Aaron actually had half a clue and a decent idea. Hm. Well, it was either that or stumble around blindly until one or both of them were killed, and neither Bounce nor Alice was armed. One of the rare occasions where there would be strength in numbers. A lot of people to put her trust in... but Aaron seemed to have had them together, at least to an extent. It was secondary reliance, once again... but this wasn't a strategy that was going to work.

Wandering around never ended well.

Bounce was studying her friend's tired, determined face when the announcements kicked on, had opened her mouth to pose a question when...


Casual, off hand. But... it was Vic. She'd been killed in between now and running off from them earlier. Shit. Alice's girlfriend... Just because Bounce didn't want to travel with her didn't mean she wanted her dead.

Alice brushed it off. Crap, that just made it worse. It was an outright denial of the truth. ...She knew, she must've heard. To turn around and say so brazenly the complete opposite of what was on the announcement.... Goddammit Vic. Why the hell had she had to run off and get herself killed!? That just ruined all of this. Finally with somebody she could actually trust, and what was going to happen? Bounce was going to have to ground her in reality and tell her that her girlfriend HAD in fact just died.

Wow... Yelizaveta. That's sensitive, right? Somebody's dead and all you can think about is the effect on your game? Not the emotional impact on the fact that it's the damn closest person to your best friend that died? Cold... just cold.

Sensible, maybe.

Bounce was still trying to figure out how to 'break' the 'news' when Alice turned to ask her for advice. Startled, it took Bounce a moment to process the question.

"Ah... best to keep our distance for now, I think. Allow them to make the first move. We don't want to provoke anyone."
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