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Autumn heard a loud flurry of noises. Something like a loud pop, screaming, fighting. She picked up speed and when she turned the last corner around the mirror house to the front, she was met with a grisly sight.

Fiona knelt down on the ground fumbling with a first aid kit. Staffan was on the ground, pale, still, with a huge gaping wound leaking blood onto the ground. Autumn took a few slow steps forward. The crunching of dirt seemed amplified ten fold. The bodies Fiona was fussing over were Nik and Evelyn. She looked at them and knew they were gone. A swell of emotion started building up inside her, rising up from her chest and bottled at her throat. They were gone. Gone forever. Evelyn had been her best friend. She had hoped Nik would ask her to prom. Autumn stood looking down on Evelyn. Sure, she was right to cut the friendship, even now she had no regrets about that, but she never wished this on her.

There was another emotion starting to tickle the back of her throat. Looking down on them both there was a sense of jealousy.

You two even had to DIE together, didn't you? Well I'm still alive and you aren't. So I guess that goes to show just how far your relationship took you. To the soil, to till, to the grave.

Autumn blinked a few times trying to will away the tears. She cleared her throat and turned to Fiona.

"I wouldn't bother," she whispered.
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