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Ivan's shirt was damp, whether it was because of Tabi's tears, or the sweat from her face, she did not know. What she did know, is that it was comforting. It clung to her face, cushioning her, providing sanctuary for her.

The tears dried up, but her face remained damp. She did not move, she only breathed in and out in short harried bursts. Her body rose and fell in candance with Ivan's chest.

Hands reached around and gently placed themselves in between her shoulders and on the flat of her back. The fingers had wedged themselves into the aches in her body, never completely easing it, but serving as a remedy. Tabi felt the embrace pulsing ever once in a while and it made her calm. Her breathing finally returned to normal.

Ivan's body had lifted up to her head. He buried it in her hair and Tabi felt his lips touching her head. Tabi felt a slim smile rise up on her face.

"Mmmm" she hummed, staring into his chest.

"I'm alright... we're alright. Just had a terrible dream, that's all..."

Tabi blinked. A dream...he had a dream...

He wasn't the only one...

"Y-you...you too...huh..."

Tabi shifted her head and turned to face the ocean. It was high tide, the water had crawled up to the beach until there was only two feet of sand that rested between them. The ocean was gentle this night, betraying the feelings inside of her, and who knew what feelings inside of Ivan.

But it seemed they shared the same feeling. The same fear. They were togeather.

Tabi turned back to Ivan and stared into him. She said nothing. She just watched Ivan with unblinking eyes, waiting for him to say more, if there was more to say.
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