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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese let out a sigh of relief as Ray assured her that his ear…issue was an old injury. She nodded in understanding as he explained what it was. She thought that cauliflower ear was a strange name for his condition. It didn’t really look like cauliflower to her. Mostly, it just looked super poofy, like maybe he had got stung by a bee and it swelled up really bad.

She grimaced at Ray's comment. Now it was her turn to feel embarrassed by the topic. Wow, way to be a dick and make him feel bad, she chastised herself. Steer the conversation away from the potential of dying. It’s a bummer.

“You boys,” she said, her exasperated tone off-set by the big grin plastered on her face. “I’ll never understand how, like, scars and mutilation get to be big things with you. My brother Aric has played hockey for as long as I can remember. He’s going to school in Maine on a hockey scholarship. He talks about all his hockey injuries like a Spartan recounting his war wounds. The time he had to get stitches and the time he got a tooth knocked out are some of his favorite ones to tell. He’s actually tried to pick girls up with that crap. It’s a little pathetic.”

Annaliese drummed her hands against her thigh. "But, uh, yeah. Do you have any brothers or sisters?"
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