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((Ash Morrison continued from Darken Your Clothes and Strike a Violent Pose))

This was.... terrible. No, more like the usual. She had to get used to this situation. Ash had nearly run out of supplies again, and people were milling about. All she needed was a distraction before she could swoop in and grab their stuff.

Was that what she wanted to do, though? Ash could just try and bargain with them.

The thought put a slight smile on her face, although the amusement faded quickly. That was a silly idea. There was no way that she could make a peaceful trade in these times. It was unfortunate, but depending on people to not kill her during the 'game' wasn't a smart idea.

She wasn't going to question her decisions, not if the issue was one of morality. At least, that's what she resolved to do. It was a fact that she had already stolen from a corpse, and she wasn't about to quit any time soon. As soon as she finished justifying her crimes to herself, a calm expression spread over her face.

The endlessly looping thought of survival at the expense of dignity repeated itself once more, moving her focus back towards thievery. Ash wouldn't figure her plight out, not even if she took the time to try and think about it.

Like a broken machine, she could only repeat the same functions over and over until she was jarred out of it. Even back when she was hiding from Reiko, the loop was there in a more prolonged fashion. Hide, scavenge, consume, sleep, repeat. Those were the five steps that she would take no matter what she thought about or how she decided to change her behaviour.

Now, step one would be take place. Crawling on her belly to try and avoid detection, Ash watched over the group with cold eyes and waited for her chance to take what she needed.
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