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The aspirin was finally starting to take effect. The pain in Jackie- Li's leg was finally beginning to numb. It was sore to stand on, and she hoped that the hissing noise that managed to make it's way from her mouth, through clenched teeth wouldn't be loud enough to give away her presence; at least not until she was ready to make her grand entrance. Thankfully something a lot louder decided to act like the moron it is, that Milo kid stared screaming and hemming and hawing, calling her "Jac-tard", as if that was some modicum of clever. Li rolled her eyes.That was just beyond ridiculous; and it was a pretty safe assumption that he actually had some kind of mental deficiency. That was one thing that both Jackie and Li would agree on, if the pair were to ever actually have a civil discussion. Stupidity was in-excusable. If a kid had an actual mental issue that prevented him from comprehending the world, then it was more of a pity. Jackie hated Aaron for his attitude and and incredible lack of adaptability. Well, she used to. Lie did. But Milo? Milo had to know by day 7 that yelling out for an assumed killer to "bring it on" was a bad idea... if he could comprehend that at all.

And as such, a mental tic-mark to leave poor Milo alone.

There were only a few trees between her and her mark, so she bore the pain that radiated through her body with each and every step that she took.


Taking a deep breath, and doing her absolute best to imitate Jackie's normal voice, she began to speak.

"Hey. I have a question for you Aaron. How the hell did you end up being leader of this group?"

In fact, it was close to a perfect imitation. There was a slight variation in stress on certain parts of the word, but it was something that almost no one that wasn't close to her would notice. In fact, the only person who really even had a shot in the dark of noticing beyond Jackie's parents was Aaron. He had heard Jackie at her loudest and most argumentative a number of times. And that was exactly where Li was heading.

"You are the leader here, right? I mean, I can't imagine why anyone would follow you. Unless of course you were promising these poor people something."

Her eyes flashed back and forth from face to face. Aileen, Milo, and Claire. Each and every one of them was probably at the bes apprehensive of her presence. She had even heard Aaron label her as a killer.

"Don't worry. I'm not here to hurt anyone." Her hand slid down to the hacksaw which still dangled at her side, still glistening in the reflection of the sun that filtered through the dense forest canopy above them. The saw fell to the forest floor, bouncing off of a rock with a dull clang, as the hand went back to her side. "Not yet at least." She motioned to Aaron with her head. "You're way too fun to kill." Menacing and threatening. But at the same time, it should allay their fears that her only weapon lie on the ground. Perfect., keep control of the situation.

"The only reason I can gather that anyone would let you even lead them to the grocery store is because you're promising them something. I know you have a gun, but still, let's face it. You're Aaron. There's no way I'd follow you for a promise of safety. So, that leave me one logical thought. You're deluding these poor souls into thinking you can get them off the island. So is that it Aaron? Are you surrounding yourself with meatsheilds with promises of freedom?"

She cocked her brow. Even if he did have an escape plan, this would still make him absolutely tweak. Just like chess. Think two moves ahead, and Hughes lose his shit. She smiled.

"C'mon Aaron... Don't keep us waiting. What's the big idea?

He was just so much fun to fuck with.
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