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Hate, hate, HATE!!!
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As much as he tried to keep it together, there was a lot going on right now. So many things had been tossed onto his plate at once, and he had only been awake for less than a minute, so how could he be expected to deal with something like this? Tabi continued to weep on him, but the cause wasn't exactly what he expected upon waking up. She seemed scared, shaken, but not exactly terrified... and not urgent.

They were alone.

He had listened and searched for anything that might shake this truth, but it remained steadfast; only the roar of the ocean and the light of the moon, up so high overhead, offered any company. In securing his surroundings, Ivan became more aware of his more immediate ones... that was to say, he was now more focused on the girl who was lying directly on top of him.

Her touch, the weight of her body and of her grip, her muttered words against his chest, and even her breathing dominated his senses and pushed all other things outward. Even his common sense seemed to shut down; for a moment or two, Ivan could not will himself to do anything but watch as Tabi laid over him and silently conveyed more pain than either one of them had suffered up to this point. And that was likely what she was doing: suffering. It was Tabi's turn, to suffer internally for the 'crime' that she had committed. The crime of saving Ivan's life.

His mind continued to falter, his rationale unable to form any sort of planned thought or movement. In this absense of lucidity, his instincts took over. Somebody he cared about was hurting, and he needed to fix it. His arms embraced her, holding the crying girl close against his chest. One hand had set itself reassuringly between her shoulders, fingertips flexing occasionally to lightly tug and shift clothing as well as skin. His other hand moved a bit lower, working around one spot on the middle of her back. Every so often, both arms gave a tight squeeze, possibly to continue to reassure her and show her that he cared, the revelation that had blown even him away so short ago.

Or maybe it was to shield himself from the rest of this island and find solace solely within Tabi, resting against him so... because no matter how much he may have tried to hide it, he was every bit as terrified as her. They were each afraid; Tabi probably had a nightmare like he did if nobody else was truly around to threaten them. If she did become the victim of her own dreams... well, Ivan certainly knew how that felt. But now, they were together, and neither of them would have to survive alone.

Ivan leaned in with Tabi's pull, lightly brushing his lips against the top of her head. Scared or not, he found the strength within himself to smile. The smile wasn't hiding anything, including his anxiety, sorrows or fears, but it wasn't supposed to. There was a good deal of happiness and comfort to him as well.

"I'm alright... we're alright. Just had a terrible dream, that's all..."

He had no idea it wasn't just himself he was speaking for.
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