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"Perhaps," Acacia replied, her eyes staring quizzically at the wall in front of her. Her brain was attempting to clink into gear and think of some way to make this little experience fun. The bitchy side of her brain that was normally docile and sleeping was starting to wake up, the way it only ever did when she was in cheerleader company. And yet for once it didn't bother her in the slightest. She'd already lost the one friend she had made on this island and she wasn't going to make that mistake again. She wasn't going to let herself hurt any more; far better to hurt others and live longer because of it. Finally, Acacia found that she was starting to realise what this game was about. It's about living for as long as possible. "Or we could have a bit of fun tormenting him?" she suggested, raising her eyebrows and cocking her head to one side as she looked at Thea. Then, without seeking approval, she called out to the boy, Joe Rios he said his name was? Acacia was pretty sure she'd never met him before, or if she had, she hadn't been paying attention.

"Hey!" she called out to Joe, putting on the best 'friendly' voice that she could manage in her current mood. She crouched down as she spoke and slowly put her gun into her bag, positioning it carefully so that the handle was close to the opening of the zip and she could grab it quickly if she needed to. Or if she wanted to scare Joe Rios off if he started to get annoying. She glanced up as she did this and spoke to Thea in a low voice. "What've you got, anyway? I figure if he gets irritating we should wave scary guns and things at him until he fucks off back to whatever hole he crawled out of," she said, a little surprised by the spiteful nature of her words, anad choosing to ignore that feeling.

She raised her voice again.
"We're unarmed too," she said, looking pointedly at Thea and grinning, who had fortunately been just as docile and unarmed looking as Acacia hoped that she looked. She shined her torch in the direction the voice was coming from, a little spookily seeing as he was still just out of sight. "Where are you?" she said, a little confused. The tunnels seemed to magnify everything.
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