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[[Micheal Raynor continued from No Crying Allowed ]]

Micheal preferred not to think of the rapid relocation from the residential area to the logging road as a retreat and more of an advance in a different direction. Sure, they were technically fleeing, but it wasn't really...he'd a point in there somewhere, he was sure. What it was, well, the world may never know. Anyway, they had left the residential area in a hurry and where now heading, uh, somewhere else. Well, at the time, all he really wanted from a new place was not having to worry about a guy with a gun. You know him, a connoisseur of the simple things.

Judging by how they stopped on the logging road, this was to be there destination. Not to complain, but Micheal was hoping for something more...more. Someplace with much more muchiness.

Well, no one was currently shooting at anyone, so muchiness or no, it was an improvement. Especially considering that his claws would probably do frak and all against another person. Not that he particularly wanted to try them out, but it was a practical concern. Well, Gloria was armed. So, that was good. Unless someone saw her gun and took it as a threat. Which wouldn't be good. Or if someone saw his claws and took that as a threat, which would be considerably worse.

Fortunately for his state of calm, Gloria caught his attention by speaking up for the first time since they left the town. He arched an eyebrow, trying to think of what she could be apologizing for before she answered the question for him. He waved her fears away, offering a wry grin. If it wasn't for you holding my sleeve, I'd have probably freaked out and ran into a tree."

When her attention turned to his Wolverine claws, he held them up so she could see them better. While he held them up, he did his best Vanna White impression and turned the blades back and forth while an imaginary audience oohed and awed. He flashed another good natured grin. "That's right. While they're reloading after shooting me a bunch, I can walk right up to them." Micheal paused, arching his eyebrow. "Since these are Wolverine claws, they do come with an enhanced healing factor, right?"

Any other plans he might have had for putting her at ease were cut short by voices ahead of them. "Amen to that." He agreed. "Maybe leave before they start shooting this time, yeah?" Micheal looked around them, half expecting to see someone trying to creep up behind them. When he looked back, Gloria had her gun up, pointed in the general direction the voices were coming from. Micheal took a cautious step back, more of a self-preservation then fear. People with guns did tend to attracrt bullets. He was certainly hoping it didn't come to that, but you didn't reach the next level by taking needless risks.

Micheal spoke to her in a harsh whisper, glancing toward the direction the voices were coming from and mindful that they didn't attract any attention. "Uh, maybe we can put the gun down? I mean, that's the sort of thing that draws aggro. How about you just lower that gun and we go back the way we came? You know, away from other people?"
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