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The pain burned. That was all that he felt. His body felt like it was on fire. Nik's breathing came in short waves of inhales. Everytime he tried to take a deep breath the pain amplified ten-fold. He felt incredibly dizzy. Lifting his head up he tried to get his bearings. Somewhere behind him, he heard a squelching thud. Ahead of him he could make out the shape of a figure lying on the ground extending their hand in his direction.

"E--Evie.." Nik gasped when he realized there was blood covering the extended hand.

With a gasp of pain Nik crawled himself closer to where his girlfriend lay, taking her hand. There was a frightening contrast between the warmth Nik felt running through his body, and the icy-cold feel of Evelyn's hand.

"Stay with me. Ev...come on, stay with me." Nik whispered as he rubbed Evelyn's hand with his own.

Nik looked up through the mess of his own hair to see Evelyn smiling at him before her eyes closed. Her hand went limp in his own.

Nik couldn't muster up a response. The realization of what had just happened impacted Nik enough that he forgot about his own pain. He continued to hold Evelyn's hand as he lifted himself to being on all fours. With his eyes welling up, Nik leaned over his fallen girlfriend, brushed the hair out of her eyes and kissed her on the forehead before burying his own head in her neck, the tears streaming now.

"Nik... Nik, talk to me.."

The hand on his shoulder caused Nik to snap back to reality. Fiona was still here. It didn't matter though. Nik could feel the warmth of his body slowly fading. He knew that he wouldn't make it in this game. Nik lifted his head away from Evelyn's body and spoke to Fiona.

"Just go Fiona...leave me here okay? Just keep running..."

Nik was interrupted by a blood filled cough.

"Just go..."

Nik let his head fall back on to Evelyn's chest.

"I'll see you soon." He whispered.

Nik's eyes felt like they closed on their own. His pain seemed to just float away. It was nothing like he'd expected it to be. It felt like he just wanted to sleep. He embraced the feeling and went to sleep.

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