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Tabi felt the moisture lingering in her eyes. Her arms still tightly locked onto Ivan's own. He had finally stirred from his fitful slumber. Her lips quivered when he stared up at her. His eyes were beady dots, staring up as if he had just seen some dreadful aberration in his sleep. Sweat was beading down his face and pooling where her hands were now, mixing in with her own. His breath was shaky, forming an awkward cadence with the wavering gasps of her own.

He had asked her what was wrong, and Tabi found herself choking back a nervous laugh. Her mouth flexed upward into a slack-jawed smile. Ivan was trying to put on a brave face for her. She felt the tears finally slipping out of her eyes and falling onto him. In the short time that she had known him, he had always hid it away. He was being brave for the both of them. It wasn't an active attempt to do so. It was just something he had done.

But now, he couldn't hide it. Tabi knew it all.

She leaned towards him. Sniffing in the mucus running from her nose.


And collapsed into his chest, sobbing. She started to pound gently on his chest with her left arm. She had no idea what he was going through now, but if it was anything like hers. Then she understood his want to be brave.



Tabi stopped tapping his chest and merely rested on his body. She stretched out her right arm and dug in under his neck, pulling him closer to her. No more words would escape her lips. As if her own body had forbidden her from doing so. She only lay there, holding him tightly too him. Her sobs starting to fade to mere whimpers. They were alone, but they were together. Only the ocean, was with them.

They didn't have to be brave. They were here now. There was no need to be brave anymore...
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