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it was a graveyard smash
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Meredith leaned against the wall, slowly letting herself slide to the floor. She stretched out her legs and placed the flashlight on its bottom, allowing the light to fan out across the damp tunnel walls. She honestly wanted to shut her eyes and rest, sleep, maybe even dream... Dreaming would be a reprieve from this reality she was facing now. She could dream of pleasant things or think back on the things that she used to enjoy, but no matter how she thought of it, dreams just didn't seem possible. Dreams didn't seem likely or apparent because this reality was so harsh and BAM! in your face! It would be hard to submerge herself into another reality, for she hadn't lost all of her marbles just yet. She still had a good chunk of her sanity left, more than she could say about her other classmates...

How pitiful. Meredith had never thought very highly of her classmates, but were they seriously dumb enough to play The Beast's games? Then again, if Meredith found herself in a position to kill, she would be adhering to The Beast as well... Maybe it wasn't as black and white as she thought it was.

Shaking her head, she came to the conclusion that she couldn't rest or sleep until it the time was right. Maybe the time would never be right and maybe sleep would never fall upon her weak body, but the time clearly wasn't right now. For example, she'd never be able to sleep while in the presence of another person. Call her paranoid, but that person could snuff her life out early without Meredith even being aware of it! That just wasn't cool. There would be no way to cause her killer guilt in her last moments of life if she was catching z's...

Celeste didn't argue or try to convince Meredith to reach the exit first before receiving her payment. She was probably just as tired as Meredith and probably a bit weary as well. She held out the loaf of bread and the water bottle, shaking it enticingly, and Meredith became aware that her throat was very dry... She managed the smallest of smiles and slowly took the bottle, unscrewing the top and taking a very small sip. It was enough to quench her thirst. She didn't want to take anymore. And, as for the bread? She took the loaf and tore it into two pieces, only taking half. She returned the other piece to Celeste, giving her an unreadable look. A small sip of water and half of Celeste's bread? It wasn't what was agreed upon, but Meredith didn't want to deprive Celeste of all she had... It was probably Meredith's own fault that she didn't have much of her own rations.

She stuffed the half of bread into one of her cloak pockets and stood up, flashlight in hand. She was hungry, but she didn't want to eat now. Not with Celeste standing overhead, a disappointed look applied to her face. She was expecting Meredith to lead her out of this god forsaken place, and she hadn't done that yet. She didn't deserve anything, let alone payment... Meredith would eat once her job was done, and her job was to lead Celeste out of Hades.


It was several minutes later, and the pair were out in the sunlight of the island. The light burned Meredith's eyes, and she was sure that her snow-white skin was screaming in agony. Her delicate complexion couldn't handle the burning cancer rays that were raging against her body. She almost wished she were back in the tunnel, but she figured there were worse things out there than a sunburn or a tan...

Turning to Celeste, Meredith found herself wordless for a few moments. She wanted to babble and enthuse over finding the exit. She was positive that she almost wouldn't find it! Who knew the tunnels would be such a friggin' maze? But that would just reveal that Meredith honestly had no idea where she was going, and that would probably breech some kind of agreement in the deal. So Meredith kept her mouth shut until she finally agreed upon some generic comment.

"We are finally out. Hades kept the exit hidden from view until our souls agreed to not give in to the demand's of The Beast. That's why it took so long for me to find our way out." She offered a small smirk and pulled out her notebook from a pocket in her cloak. "Now that we're out, will you write in the Book of Life? Once you do, you may go your own way. I don't want to keep you, I'm sure you have other missions to carry out..."
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