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Ray was confused at first. His ear? Mangled? For a minute he almost panicked, brought his hand up to his ear to feel for cuts or something that he somehow had forgotten about. As soon as he touched it, though, he knew what Annaliese saw.

It had been a long time since anyone had asked him about his cauliflower ear, and he'd honestly forgotten he had it. It wasn't particularly bad; some guys he had seen had ears that looked like fucking baseball gloves sticking out of the side of their face. Ray has just come to accept his as a normal part of his ear now. Could have been worse. It could have affected this hearing.

"Nah, it's not mangled. It's just cauliflower ear. Wrestlers and boxers and stuff get it alot. I got dropped on the side of my head in a tournament once. Kid hit a slick double leg, got too enthusiastic, and I cracked my ear rolling to my belly. Basically the cartilage separates from the rest of the ear and dies, and you get..." He pointed to his ear, or at least the dead tissue that used to be his right ear. "This."

"I've had it for years, you know. To be honest, I'm kinda proud of it. Grappler's badge of honor. Even if it is ugly as shit." Ray smiled and shrugged, sheepish. It was odd to explain to someone, that he was proud of a disfigured part of his body. But he loved the sport of wrestling, and the ear explained that to the world.

"Sounds like you got a lot of stuff going for you. I just wrestle. Have since I was six, and I'll be doing it until..." He flinched, realizing too late what he was about to say and remembering where they were. "Until I die."
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