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Jessie smiled warmly, stepping further into the little parish. Although it was quickly becoming clear that Liz Polanski wasn't going to come popping out of the woodwork, running off right away would've felt more than a little rude and more than a little inconsiderate. Jessie knew this guy after all. She wouldn't exactly call Peter a bosom buddy, but those times they'd run into each other had been friendly enough, and he was one of a host of people that Jessie genuinely wished she could get to know a little better. Unfortunately, there wasn't really time for that... but for a greeting, at the very least? They could take enough time out of their schedule for that. Who knew, maybe she'd even be able to convince Peter to come along with them.

...Although she hadn't, in fact, remembered that Peter had been on the announcements. Okay, there was a spanner in the works right there. Jessie faltered, halfway between Peter up on the altar and the entrance to the parish, surrounded by splintered pews. But... for all that, he wasn't coming after either of them, right? Jeez, all he was really doing was drinking. He didn't even seem all that worried about Imraan's shotgun, and well, if somebody was concerned about playing the game, they'd definitely be getting worked up over a weapon like that, wouldn't they? No, Jessie reassured herself, Peter wasn't a threat to them. She couldn't think in that way, she just couldn't... weigh people up in terms of what kind of... benefit they'd be to her. Each and every person here was a classmate, even the worst of them. On the announcements, Jessie could put a face to every last name, the dead and the killers. They had identities, hopes, dreams... even the Maxwells and the Reikos and the Raidons, they were real people... saying otherwise was ludicrous.

"Sorry, we haven't - I mean, well I haven't seen Will. Imraan might have," Jessie gave Peter an apologetic smile. "I know who you mean but I haven't really ran into a whole lot of people," she wished she could help, she really did... she could empathise with the difficulties Peter referred to. Just look at how difficult it had been to find Imraan, just look at.... how she couldn't find DK in time...

...That wasn't something she could allow to happen again.

Jessie completed her walk, now standing right next to the drinking boy. "I'll pass, but thanks. Look..." Jessie sighed. "I'm sorry to come in and out like this, but we're on a pretty tight schedule right about now. I'm sure you've heard those extra announcements. The way I see it... Liz Polanski has found some way of breaking this game, and if she's found a way, then there have got to be others, right? Anyway... my intention is to stop anybody collecting on that bounty, because right now, she's the only person who seems to have a shot at getting more than one person off this island alive. I know it's dangerous, so I'm not going to ask you to come along, but... well, strength in numbers. I understand if you want to keep your eye on Will, but that's what I think is the right thing to do. Hopefully God has steered me in the right direction."

She smiled at Peter, turned, gave a slight wave to Imraan, the smile widening a little, lighting up bright blue eyes.

We have to hurry.
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