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Ivan's eyes shot open to a cold world and an aching body, chased only by the last echoes of the world he had left behind. The pain in both worlds was very real, but at least the screams had not been. Nor were the people atop him, ripping him apart and shouting insults, damning him to hell. Instead, there was only one person over him, and they were vigorously shaking him.

He struggled weakly with his sleep-atrophied arms with the assailant, releasing a throaty whimper and a few slurred syllables which held no meaning to them. Was he still being killed? Who was doing this? It was only when the voice finally registered that his body would finally give in, his eyes coming into focus.

Tabi was there, looking down at him and shouting something. Was it his name she was calling, over and over? The rest of himself would have to pull together and fully bring him back to reality in order to grasp just what was happening. Sequentially, a few things became clear the more he woke up. While in pain, most of it was just body aches from sleeping on the bare ground and the wound on his arm, though it had some good time to heal. The past world was a dream and, if the cold sweat was anything to attest to, this was real.

Tabi was alive, he was alive. Nobody had killed her, nobody was killing him anymore, and they were still alone so far as he could tell. Again, all just a bad dream, and they were okay!

But if they were okay, then why was Tabi waking him up? What woke her up? Ivan blinked and looked past her at the sky. Strictly night by this point, and the moon was high up in the sky as the only thing lighting them, so morning had not come. He looked back to her, and something struck him as wrong. She looked... terrible, like something had frightened her severely.

Taking a quick breath to even out some of the terrible pressure in his lungs, Ivan spoke to her and tried not to give away his own fear at what he had just experienced.

"Tabi... what's wrong?"
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