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“As long as you’re sure,” Thea said. She didn’t know much about it so, she trusted Acacia to be aware of her own health.

Thea lowered her voice and glanced around the tunnels to back sure they were alone. “I’ll be honest with you; my plan right now is to hunt down Hayley Kelly. She took my James from me and then killed Jason. All he was doing was looking for Evie. I’m not sure what I’ll do when I find her. I guess…” she trailed off when she heard something metallic clatter across the floor. She sucked in a breath and waited for a moment, trying to decide whether to investigate or keep quiet.

She’d decided to go and investigate and swung the light around back towards the entrance of the tunnels when a voice called out.

"Yo," a masculine voice called out. "It's Joe Rios. I'm unarmed."

Thea rolled her eyes. Just what she needed another nobody telling her how she was supposed to be acting, and what she was supposed to be feeling. “Think if we ignore him, he’ll go away,” she asked Acacia.
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