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((Joe Rios continued from The Long Road Home))

Trekking from the Residential Area to the network of tunnels was an extremely tiring experience for Joe. His chest was sore, his legs moreso, and his lungs felt like they were going to explode.

As far as he could tell, it was night. As soon as he got to a somewhat secluded spot in the tunnels, he slumped down, fluffed his daypack a bit, laid down using it as a makeshift pillow, and drifted off into a dreamless sleep for the first time in several days.

His sleep was disturbed by a small light flickering a bit nearby and people talking. He sat up, rubbed his eyes a bit, and was immediately struck by a wave of pain running through his body.

Fucking ow. Note to self, when I'm sore from walking for basically four or five days straight, do not sleep on a stone floor with a hard backpack for a pillow in the future. Not one of my brighter moments, he thought to himself. He grunted, forced himself off the ground, and walked over to the people, who he couldn't really get a good look at in spite of the small light.

"Yo," he said when he was in earshot of them. "It's Joe Rios. I'm unarmed." He knew that if the people were of the more sociopathic breed, he was essentially signing his death warrant, but in all honesty, Joe didn't see that as such a bad thing. He'd spent six days prolonging it, and if it was going to happen it may as well be over with already.

And if they weren't, then he might have some companionship that wasn't either mentally deficient or completely batshit insane. Joe knew this was a bit of a long shot considering his luck with Cisco, but it was worth the gamble.

Joe, in his fugue, didn't even notice or care that he had missed the announcement.
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