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Hoo boy. Joshua went down and he went down hard. Quince hadn't seen whether or not it had been his blow or Tiffany's that had taken him down, but he was happy that the pair were really working together. Josh was on the ground, he wasn't going to be going anywhere. There was only one real thing left to do.

He swung the rifle round so that it was pointed at Josh's head. He couldn't tell if the boy was properly conscious anymore, but either way, there was no point in prolonging things. Besides, if he just left him here, somebody could come along and bogart the kill. He pulled the trigger, and felt the recoil as Josh departed this world.

He turned his face as the splashback sprayed his pants. Not the best look, but people would know what he'd done anyway after the announcement. Besides, he was already a known killer. There were only two people right now whose opinion mattered to him. At least, people on the island. And Tiffany seemed to be okay with what he'd done. That just left Felicia.

What Josh had said had been right. He didn't know what he was going to see when he saw her again. If he saw her again. The way things were going, he was beginning to doubt it. And Tiffany was right there, accepting who he was, and what he had done. He looked at her in a new light.

As he was about to ask what their next move was, the bullets started flying. His immediate instinct was to turn and see who it was, where the danger was. A swift glance showed a girl, indeterminate at this distance, an one who was armed. Great, psycho chick shooting at him. Had Josh had a girlfriend?

Tiffany hit the deck, which was not good. Meant he couldn't just bug out from here. Flight wasn't an option, then. That meant fight. He looked around for cover, as the bullets started whizzing closer to him.

There, 10 yards away, corner of a building. He sprinted to get there, sliding the last few yards. It gave him time to re-cock the rifle. He'd been lucky, and now he was in the best place to continue it. He pointed the rifle round the corner, trying to peek to aim without getting his head blown off. Letting off another bullet, he shouted to Tiffany "Get over here!"
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