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After asking his question, Ray realized he just might have overstepped his bounds. He had to give Annaliese some props; she didn't cry, even though he could see that whatever realization she was having was hurting. She sniffled, but Ray was already up on his feet before that. His sister had cried before, and he fell back into the role of big brother again easily.

"Hey, hey, hey, easy." He strode over to her, wrapped an arm around her shoulders in a half-hug. "I'm sure you got some friends, somewhere. I was just wondering if you'd managed to find 'em, yet." He said. It sounded lame coming out of his mouth, but he needed to backpedal.

"I have no idea. We split off pretty fast, I didn't even see which direction they went in. I had to be a distraction." Ray's thoughts turned to the crazed Alex, the spear hitting him in the leg as he ran.

He gave Annaliese's shoulders a squeeze.

"Tell you what, girl. You come with me, help me find them. I didn't take you down off that mountain just to leave you. Cool?"
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