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In some cultures, what I do is considered normal.
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Annaliese tipped her head, acknowledging Ray’s point about having to run for his life. She had been running for life since she got here. Well, not always running, but probably walking quickly. She was about to take another bite of bread when Ray asked where her friends where.

She stopped picking at her bread as she looked at her hand in her lap. She hadn’t really thought about that before. There wasn’t really anyone on the island she was looking for, and she didn’t think there was anyone who would be specifically looking for her. At least, not for friendly reasons.

It wasn’t like she didn’t have any friends. She knew lots of people at school, and she was known by many in return. Annaliese had always been social, joining many groups and clubs and interest groups. She had just never, you know, seemed to form any super deep connections with anyone. She usually just sort of bounced from group to group and had always been content with that. It had seemed like a good thing, bringing awareness to issues and fostering kinship within the group.

Only now, she was seeing how hollow those relationships had been. Maybe this is what the universe is trying to teach me, she silently wondered as she poked her bread. Although the universe didn’t have to be such a harsh bitch about it. It could have made me aware of a lack of meaningful relationships without bringing me here to Suckfest Island. God, I feel like such a loser now. People have always said that the stuff I talk about is annoying, but I didn’t think that meant that NOBODY liked me.

She glanced over at Ray out of the corner of her eyes, which wasn’t easy as her vision was a little blurry with unshed tears. Everyone else has friends here, and I have no one. The universe is telling me I’m gonna die alone and friendless. She sniffled once, softly.

“I, uh, I guess not,” she admitted, shrugging again. “I’m kind of like a leaf on the wind, you know,” she added, trying to keep her voice upbeat. “A rolling stone gathers no moss, and jazz like that.” Looking to get the attention off of herself, she pulled a hunk off her bread and jammed it in her mouth.

“So where do you think your dudesons might be,” she asked, a few crumbs escaping her full mouth.
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