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Can you hear me?
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Okay, what was happening now?

Remy spun around to see... a guy with a chair? What the hell? What was he doing with that thing? Apparently... he was going to smash someone over the head with it? Wrestling style?

And WHAT. More people were coming in. Why were they crowding around him? And asking about someone named Sebastian? Seriously, he was surprised that he didn't hear the people crowding around him, including one dragging a chair behind him.

What the hell were they doing, sneaking up on him like that? It reeked of bad news, that was what it was. Seriously, he could see it now; all the arms grabbing him, thrusting that chair over his head until he was unable to stand, and then... and then...doing god knows what else. It made him feel ill to his stomach. That was probably what they were planning. Sebastian was just a ruse. A ruse. Just them trying to get his attention, so he would be fully aware of them and distracted. Like a serial killer asking his victim for the time before he abducted and killed them.

That had to be it! They were plotting something. Something that would hurt him. Something that would end his life.

He had to defend it. He wasn't going to get killed by some crowd of psychos. One was bad enough. One psycho with a sawblade? One psycho who saw rabbits? That was enough for him. But a slow group starting to form? Oh hell. What if this Death person Cisco talked about sent an entire army after him? An entire fucking army. Jesus Christ almighty. He wouldn't put it past him, though.

Remy stood up. Oh god, he felt ill. He was never a people person to begin with, and with this whole homicidal maniac business, yeah. He could feel bile rising up in his throat already. Oh god, why were they there people appearing on the bridge? Why here and now? Remy's face briefly turned green for a few seconds.

"No... I have not seen anyone named Sebastian..." Remy started unsteadily, and suddenly took out the knife again and flipped it open. "But what do you want? What... what are you doing here?"

Oh god, he was even having trouble breathing right now.

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