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Ray chewed another piece of bread as Annaliese talked, listened to her question.

"No, actually. Was gonna see if I could see something from the tower. Vantage point." He chewed, swallowed, raised an eyebrow and rubbed his chin.

"You know, having a place to meet up with them would've been a good idea. Don't think we were banging on all cylinders when we were running for our lives."

Ray rolled his shoulders to loosen them up a little, kept his eyes on Annaliese. She was a damned weird one, that was for certain. Very little about her made sense. He doubted she even made sense to herself.

What was craziest was how she had seen as much as him, apparently, and still stayed alive. And seemingly alright. His track record with people who weren't Neill and Robert wasn't that great.

"Don't you have some friends, or somebody from the school here you know? Someone you could have found and stayed with?"

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