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Annaliese was relieved that Ray didn’t seem to be bothered by her recap of events. His was even shorter than hers. She nodded in understanding as he looked at the ground. It was easier to remember when other people weren’t looking at you. You didn’t have to worry about being judged if you couldn’t see them judging you.

She really hoped they found his friends. Ray was definitely the nicest guy she had met here. He deserved to have good things happen to him. His helping her was probably doing awesome things for his karmic stores.

"Why did you come up there, exactly? Kind of an out of the way place to wander."

Annaliese popped another bread bit into her mouth and chewed solemnly as she pondered Ray’s question. Why was she on the mountain? There wasn’t anything she need, like water, up there. It hadn’t provided any shelter or safe place to hide. So why had she spent all that time and energy climbing up there?

The only positive thing to come out of her mountain experience was meeting Ray. She heard him singing, followed him, and he saved her from Kris. He was the first person since Frankie who *wanted* to spend time with her. Surely, the reason she found herself on the mountain was because Fate and the universe wanted her to hang out with Ray for a while. He must have something to teach her.

Still chewing, Annaliese studied the young man. He seemed really grounded and reasonable. Experience told her that grounded and reasonable guys didn’t really go for the idea of Fate and predestination and karma and universal life lessons in unexpected places. If she told him what she was thinking, he might want her to leave. And then she would never learn what it was she needed to learn from him.

Smiling sunnily at him, she swallowed her bread and shrugged. “I dunno. It was there and it seemed like a good idea at the time, ya know? Why were you up there? Do you think your friends would have gone there? Oooooh, was the cell tower thingy your ‘let’s meet here in case we get separated’ place?”
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