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Tabi was floating. At least, she thought that she was floating. Wind was rushing through her hair and was creeping in between her blouse and skirt. It was an odd sensation, floating. There was no movement, just stasis.

A gaze downward showed that she was thousands of miles up. There was an island above her. An island that seemed familiar, and yet at such a distance, it remained foreign. The sea surrounding it was a clear crystal blue, serving as an aura of peace around this mass of land.

Tabi wished to float down to it, but found herself unable to do so. She was still suspended, her body held back by invisible strings. Her head gazed upwards, but she found no puppeteer. She was alone.

"Where am I?" she wondered aloud. There was no response, only an incessant echo repeating her question.

Her head drooped back to the island. There was a mountain in the middle, surrounded by a carpet of greens, browns and yellows, all meshing to form the quilt that lay bellow her. The sea was rippling; feint little ripples yielding splashes of white.

"What is this place?"

The echoing grew louder now, repeating itself until falling into silence. She stood there in silence, her ears deaf to all sound that could ring below her. She was alone.

Then, a tickle formed inside her ear. It was a whisper. An unintelligible whisper that grew into two, then three, soon a chorus of whispers repeating over and over. As they echoed, she discovered what it was the voices were saying. They were calling to her, each and every one of them. All the voices said the same thing.

"Taaaaabbbbbbbiiiiiiii, Taaaaabbbbbbiiiiii."

"Who...who are you?"

A crash answered her and her neck began to burn. A white hot pain tightened around her, causing her to gasp for breath. Something was forming in the shape of the burning sensation. It was a cool metal, constricting her ever tighter, but the burning remained. Her hands wanted to touch, to allay the fire, but she was still held back.

"Tabitha..." called a man's voice.

"Tabitha..." chimed in a woman's.

The emotionless voices were familiar to her. She wanted to call out her names, but the collar would not let her. They were the voices of home; the voices of her mother and father.

"We know what it was that you did Tabitha."

The world around her was darkening into shades of grey. Her eyes dared not look down below to see what had happened to the mystery island. There was a rumbling sound above her. A storm was brewing.

A pair of mysterious arms wrapped themselves around her body, embracing her in a tight hug. Fingers wormed there ways into the holes in her blouse, it was the touch of a woman. Their nails bit into her skin, pinching her. The girl gasped in pain as they did not yield.

A rough pair of tanned hands also gripped onto hers. They pulled at her, urging her forwards. Her rigid body was compelled to move with these disembodied arms. She tried to resist, but with every pull back, her neck pulsed with a fresh round of fire.

"You have done something terrible Tabitha. You have hurt us so much."

Tabi's arms were wrenched down and her body went with it. SHe was now facing the island. The colour remained, but now, something had changed. There were splotches. Faint little splotches of red, on this carpet. The sea too, was no longer as clear as it once was. Pink hues were seeping into it, warping the aura surrounding the island into an ocean of red.

"I-I-I" she wheezed in between choked breaths. Tears were starting to form, dropping down from her eyes and plummeting to the ground, thousands of miles below her.

"I...didn't mean...to do it...it was..."

The fingers dug out of her skin. The embrace of the mystery arms retracted. The hands that held hers, loosened their grip.

"You have hurt us so much Tabitha."



The hands released and Tabi began to fall.

She tried to scream. She tried to make sound. But when she opened her mouth, nothing came out. Wordless cries for her parents to stop her fall yielded no reply.

The air was whipping her with a furious gale. It was tugging at her clothing, trying to remove it from her person. It was blowing through her hair as if it were mere ribbons.

The ground was getting closer. She knew what this place was now. She knew what she was falling to. This was the island. This was the place she had killed. This was the place she had pulled the trigger. This god forsaken island.

There was a patch of brown earth below her. It was inching closer and closer with every mile. She couldn't turn away now. She was stuck, forced to examine every detail of where she would be landing.

It was marshy ground, nothing but pools of water and brown earth. The occasional tree could be scene at a distance, but as she fell closer, the foliage was removed from her view.

This was it, wasn't it? This is where she would lay. This is where she would be lost forever, as soon as her head touched the ground, she was doomed. There would be no Tabitha Gweneth anymore. Her parents wouldn't worry about their murderous daughter. It would just be a memory...

The ground was mere seconds away now, Tabi closed her eyes, as if it could brace her for the impact.

She hit the ground. But there was no pain. No hard ground Instead, she found herself diving through damp earth. Her senses were gone, all she could feel was the wet goo that had now enveloped her. She did not open her mouth to breathe, there was no need. She continued to sink, slower now, but still maintaining momentum that propelled her ever downwards.

Still, Tabi expected a bottom, something that would finally slow her movement for good, but she did not stall. Her eyes opened and instantly, she had regretted it. She saw nothing, and instead was welcomed with a stinging pain in her eyes as earth blinded her. She quickly squeezed them tight again, hoping to stow the pain further.

For an eternity she sunk. Left with nothing but that uneasy feeling of wet earth, mixed in with that fiery surge in her neck and eyes. There was still no sound.

Finally, there was an end to the falling, but instead of solid ground. There was air. There was this feeling of open space. There was sound. She could hear herself breathing. It was as if she had simply come out the other side of the earth. And now here she was. She was alone again.

She was afraid to open her eyes. She still felt the mud clinging too her body. She was afraid that she would see nothing and only allow more pain to seep through.

And yet, she opened them. Her vision was hazy, smeared with streaks of brown, and yet she could still see. She was still in a swamp. That much she could tell, it was as if she had sprouted out from the ground, becoming part of the foliage. But now, she could move.

With her first action of freedom, she rubbed her eyes, desperately trying to clear away the excess. Desperately trying to grant herself the vision she desired. The effect was minimal, and yet...

There was a figure, in the distance.

Tabi got up to a standing position. And began to walk towards it. It was a figure that seemed familiar to her. It had blond hair.

She did not walk anymore, instead running towards this figure. With each step, the earth that clung to her fell away. So when that she finally came to him, she was her normal self again. Untarnished. Clean.


The figure turned around to face her. And Tabi was comforted to see the smiling face. The green tinted glasses, the shining blue eyes. He was here. She was no longer alone.

"Ivan!" she exclaimed, "I'm just so hap-"

Ivan leaned in and kissed her. He clutched onto her and held her tight and held the kiss. It grew increasingly more passionate as they kissed. Soon, Ivan, tounge wandered in. All the while Tabi returned these displays of affection, gently closing her eyes.

There was a bang...

Ivan's embrace slipped, sliding gently down her body. Tabi opened her eyes and saw a bullet hole in his temple. There was no blood. Only smoke.

Tabi covered her mouth and collapsed. She gingerly brought her hand to touch where the bullet had gone in, and the moment she did; Ivan disappeared leaving only a cloud of smoke.

There was a laugh, an androgynous laugh that echoed throughout the swamp. The burning sensation in her neck returned, sending her reeling into the now solid ground. She screeched in pain, trying to claw at the choker. It would not yield to her desperate pulls, instead growing tighter once more. She writhed in pain, yelling at the top of her lungs, but still no amount of noise, could drown out the laughter.

She lay on her back, staring at the overcast sky. Her breathing was hoarse and shaky, struggling to find air to suck in. Tears were streaming down her cheeks, and this time, no amount of effort would stop them from flowing.

The laughter, continued to grow louder and louder, until it finally stopped...

The puff of smoke appeared above her. It slowly formed into a humanoid shape. It was a tall man, with tanned skin. He physically towered over her. A scowl was on his face.

"I told you that if I heard you on those announcements that I would be back. Didn't I, Tabi Gweneth?"

She said nothing, and only replied with a squeak.

The man was holding a shotgun in his hands and had it pointed at her.

"And it wasn't just any kill was it, Tabi Gweneth? Was it?"

The figure plumed into a puff of a smoke that drifted to her left side. She turned her head to see a man with various cuts on his face and body. He had greasy black hair and a large hooked nose. His dull eyes were serious, with no trace of emotion in them. In fact, the boy's face betrayed no emotion.

"It was Clio Gabriella. The infamous Clio Gabriella. She had killed six people. I haven't even killed six yet. You really made a name for yourself."

He lifted up a large sword and placed it on her neck. Tabi froze, not wanting to move and be struck by it now.

"And now, you got the best kill on the island like that buddy of yours. Imagine that. You're famous now. The whole island knows of the person who did her in. It's an astonishing feat."

The man faded away back to the puff of smoke and slithered its way over to Tabi's chest. It puffed up once more, only now it was a woman that sat on her. A woman who looked every bit alive as she did. But there was something wrong. Her chest was covered in a splash of red, and there was a hole there. Her pale arms crossed, and hung under her breasts. When Tabi looked up to her face, she tried to crawl away in horror, but the figure, kept her planted to the ground. Her face, was stuck in a rigid half smile and her eyes...her brown and green eyes; were locked in a frozen expression of terror.

"Hey there Tabi." the figure said, "Dont be alarmed. I'm not going to hurt you. In fact, I want to congratulate you. No, really! You beat me fair and square."

She leaned in, boring her gaze into Tabi's.

"I'm just here to tell you that you shouldn't worry." the girl whispered, "You see. Now the first kill is done and you know what? It's not that bad really. You'll get used to it. Soon you'll be murdering left and right, and it's all going to be okay. Trust me, give it a few days. And you'll be.




The figure reeled back and laughed. Only it was no laugh that Tabi heard. It was the sound of her shrieking in pain. Each and every cry, was but a laugh to this figure.

She puffed into smoke and disappeared.

And Tabi was left alone once more...


Tabi rose to the ground with a shot, and the wave of dizziness hit her. She hit the ground again and rolled down a grassy incline before her body hit soft sand. Her body was drenched in a thick layer of sweat that clung onto the grains of sand as she lay there.

Her breathing was rapid and short. Inhaling and exhaling over and over, hoping to find enough that would linger in her lungs. Stray hair drooped across her face in long strands.

She saw the ocean. The ocean that reminded her of where she was right now. This was the real world. This was no longer her mind. As terrifying as it was that she was still on an island full of killers, this brought comfort to her.

Her legs bunched up and her body curled inwards. She hugged herself tightly, gently caressing the exposed skin where the bullet had hit. Tabi's breathing began to regain control. She used the waves as a guide that would help her keep that gentle rhythm. Her eyes did not blink, they kept focused on the sea in front of her. She did not want to look at anything else. Not now. Not yet.

It took Tabi many minutes to regain herself, but when she did, she did not let go of herself. It had been a dream right? None of that had actually happned.

And yet, the pain inside of her lingered. Had it been there all along? The more Tabi thought about it the more it rang true. Ever since...ever since the day in the town, the pain was there.

And her parents. They were hurt weren't they? They were afraid of their precious daughter now. She had done such an evil thing and now...They would surely abandon her. Wouldn't they?

Then it turned to Ivan and all thinking stopped. Her body unfurled and she sat up. Ivan. He had to be alright. Right?

It was then that she heard the sobs. She heard the moans. It was Ivan!

Tabi turned around and saw him laying on the ground before her. He was fidgeting and shaking uncontrollably. He was still asleep and still physically alright, but something was wrong.

The girl scrambled up to where he was sleeping.

"Ivan!" she called.

There was no response, only sobs.

Tabi tried shaking his shoulder, "Ivan!"

There was still no response.

Tabi went over his chest and clutched his convulsing arms. She shook him again harder this time. She had to stop this dream, whatever it was.

"Ivan wake up!"
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