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If Rena was anyone other than herself, she probably would have smacked Dustin by now. But Rena was sadly just Rena, which meant that, while she'd really like to slap the boy, she could not muster up the confidence or strength to do so.

She wanted to explain why she'd flipped out at the tunnels. She wanted to explain that she'd been so scared, so terrified and miserable that she hadn't thought about who Dustin was, or if his name was even on the announcements. She hadn't thought of anything except protecting herself, and Ridley and Raine, but Ridley and Raine had acted so horridly, had yelled at her, and everyone was screaming, and she was standing in a body and she didn't know what to do and she was scared- she was so goddamned scared that she didn't think! She didn't think about calling Dustin a killer, or who Dustin was, or any of that, all she thought about was that he was the first person who'd stumbled upon them, and there was a body and what was she supposed to do?

She wanted to explain that she'd run away because she was weak, because she couldn't just stand there going over the same things over and over again, she couldn't stand even thinking about the blood on her feet, or the boy who'd they'd run into. She'd just wanted to leave. She hadn't meant to call Dustin a killer. She hadn't meant to make him angry, but what else was she supposed to do? What if it had been the killer? She didn't know. She just acted.

She wanted to apologize to Dustin. She wanted to hit Dustin and tell him that he was overreacting and being a complete jerk. She wanted to punch Sunil for being such an idiot. She wanted to thank Garry for sticking up for her, and tell him that she was sorry. She wanted to run away. She wanted to find Raine and Ridley and beg them to forgive her, and hug them, and tell them that she was a moron and that she shouldn't have run.

She wanted to do so many things. But she didn't do them, because she couldn't do them, because deep down, where it counted, Rena was spineless.

So instead, she kept her eyes pointed at her feet, kept her mouth shut, and trudged along after Garry and Sunil, silent the entire way.

((Rena Peters continued in I'll Huff and I'll Puff))
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