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((All GMing approved by karsk))

Bill had no sooner finished giving his spiel to the camera when he heard a scream come from behind him and felt a sudden, painful pressure in the side of his neck. His eyes went wide by surprise as Rhory suddenly forced the shard of broken glass into him, and he let out an involuntary shout of pain.

...where did she come from?

Tumbling over as Rhory jammed the glass into his jugular, pinning the side of his hoodie to his neck, Bill nearly dropped his gun. Nearly...but not quite. Though it was empty, Bill didn't dare let it drop, and in spite of a half-dozen shards on the ground embedding themselves in his clothes or, in at least one case, planting itself firmly in his back as he went down. As soon as he hit the ground, Bill's hand was in his pocket, fumbling for the remaining bullets...

C'mon, c'mon, where are you?

The pain was extreme, but somehow not blinding as Bill's body surged with adrenaline. He finally got hold of two of the bullets in spite of the distraction of blood running down his neck, of one side of his body being on fire, and of the girl slamming into him. Moving quickly to jam them in the gun and fire, Bill looked up at Rhory with an angry, wicked grin.

Yeah, I got the wrong person. Again. Whoops. But I'm still going to get you.

As Bill fumbled with the bullets, he felt a sharp kick to his head as Rhory opted to kick him rather than using her hands, which had been scarred as she first drove the glass into his neck. The kick knocked his head to one side and drove the glass shard all the way into his neck. In spite of the fact that the hood of his sweatshirt was pinned to the side of the neck, he felt it slip part of the way off as the glass cut into it on the other side of his neck, and at the point where the glass met his neck, he felt something come undone.

The resulting spray of blood from Bill's carotid went all over the hall they were in, actually blocking the view of at least one camera with a coating of fresh, warm O-. Bill finally dropped the gun, both hands going to try and hold his sweatshirt onto the wound and at least slow the bleeding, but doing so only drove the glass around within his neck, cutting it worse, while absorbing cuts of their own. His hands recoiled at the pain, and more screaming followed, somewhat muffled as the glass partly blocked his windpipe.

That Rhory had nailed both his carotid and his jugular was perhaps the cruelest part of his death: His heart kept beating, trying to keep up the flow of blood to his brain, and once the blood had deposited the oxygen and nutrients it carried with that particular organ, and the cut to his carotid was not so devasating to divert all of the blood from his brain to the gap. Enough of it continued on to his brain before flowing out the rip in the side of his neck that he remained fully conscious throughout the whole process. Trying instinctively to stanch the bleeding, Bill flailed about, spraying a fair amount of the resulting blood flow around, while the rest of it poured onto his clothes in a warm, sticky, and eventually oddly firm reddish flow.

I'm dead. How did this happen? How did I let this happen?

As he ran out of blood to release onto the floor, Bill's movements slowed as his heartbeat eventually did. His eyes glazed over as his breaths slowed down, turning into desperate gasps as his strength left his body.

I was supposed to stop all of those killers running around the island.

Slowly, Bill's field of view narrowed as the supply of blood to his brain finally ran out, so much of it spread all over the floor, walls, and Bill's clothes.


With that, Bill lost consciousness. His body was still twitching slightly in the pool of blood and broken glass on the floor from random synapses firing in his slowly dying brain, but his pulse finally stopped registering on his collar.

David Anderson (deceased)
Tyler Franklin (deceased)
Bill Davis (not dead yet...but soon!)
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