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((Gming approved by D/N))

Ericka looked up just in time to see the boy diving at her. As he tackled her thoughts turned to the encounter with Frankie. Once again she wedged beneath her attacker, but this time she was the one who instigated it.

"Once again, good morning, kids!" The morning announcement started. Had Ericka really been here that long?

She struggled to get out from under the boy. The sand here allowed for more wiggle room than the hard ground where she had been confronted by Frankie. Maybe the softened impact was the reason she didn't drop her gun?

That was it! The way to get out from under this idiotic nut-job! Ericka tried to gain more room, and when she had enough space she threw her gun down the beach. As expected he got off of her to chase after the weapon. He had no reason to expect that she had another weapon after all.

But the fact that she hadn't reloaded yet should have given him second thoughts.

"Ricky Fortino managed to kill Isaiah Garvey in a fairly slow manner, via head trauma."

Ericka was barely paying attention to the announcement as she rushed to her bag. She tossed the full clip into the bag and took out her knife... the knife. The knife she took from Frankie. The knife he was going to kill her with. The knife she killed him with when he couldn't follow through.

She zipped up her bag and hung it from her shoulder as she stood up, she wasn't about to risk the dimwit stealing a clip from her while she wasn't looking. Of course, he didn't seem to be the most perceptive sort, none of them did. After all, no one seemed to notice the stains. The dark stains of Frankie's dried blood, they could almost seem like a pattern if you didn't know what they were. It was almost poetic. Just as Frankie's death had become a part of Ericka, so to had his blood become a part of her clothing indistinguishable by those who didn't know what it originally looked like.

It would take a moment for the boy to realize his mistake, but the girl was getting closer. She would have to be dealt with first. Ericka's knife opened with a soft click, the light of the morning Sun reflected brightly off it's blade. She turned toward the other girl. She smirked, they had underestimated her just like Frankie had. The results would be the same, and it was apparent from the beginning.
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